5 Reasons Why Hocus Pocus 3 Shouldn’t Happen

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Eventually, a story idea runs dry, the actors age out of their roles, or something else happens to make a sequel less possible than people think. But it would appear that there are plenty who still believe that Hocus Pocus 3 could be a possibility, likely because the witches came back from the dead once before. Well, to be honest, they came back from the dead twice in the initial movie, and then they came back again for the sequel.

For witches that supposedly serve Satan or worship him as they did in the first movie, one has to wonder how many chances the dark lord would be willing to give them before thinking that it’s no longer any use and that they should finally face eternity like everyone else. There are reasons why Hocus Pocus 3 shouldn’t happen, even if plenty of people don’t agree with them. Sometimes it’s better to simply let a story end and enjoy it for years to come. 

Here are five reasons why there shouldn’t be a Hocus Pocus 3. 

5. How would they come back this time?

In the first movie, they came back thanks to the black flame candle and were sustained by the power that it had created. In the second movie, they were brought back by the same thing since Gilbert so unwisely made another candle, even if no one believed that it could happen.

In fact, no one believed in the Sanderson sisters despite what had happened years before. But unless Gilbert, or someone else, was going to be so unwise as to create another candle, how in the world would they return, and would it be feasible enough to create a story around it? At some point, bringing characters back becomes a bit, well, silly. 

4. When would the next movie come out? 

Taking a look at how long the sequel was in coming, it’s fair to think that unless there’s genuine interest from the fans, this next sequel might take a while to develop. If it were to come even quicker than the second movie, however, it could have a very undeveloped and cheesy feeling to it. 

If it takes too long, it might be necessary to find different actors yet again, which is a problem the sequel already had since a lot of people were hoping to see at least one or two of the original actors, barring the witches, that appeared in the first movie. Since none of them were seen in the movie, at least not in any meaningful way, it feels a little less effective than it could have been. Time is on on the side of this sequel unless it becomes something entirely different. 

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3. The sequel was far less effective than the original. 

There are bound to be quite a few arguments that would go against this since a lot of people apparently loved the sequel and thought that it was great to see the witches after so long. Well, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but it does feel as though people are willing to look past the foibles and missteps this sequel took to make it known that they ‘had fun’ with the movie.

The truth, however, is that a great deal of changes kind of gave the sequel a cheap and very ineffective look when compared to the original movie. It’s true that quite a few years passed between the two movies, but in a big way, it almost felt as though the sequel forgot that the Sanderson sisters had been given a taste of the world during their last outing, which was kind of odd. 

2. The story feels played out. 

It’s very likely that the story could be taken in many different directions since the witches did have a history beyond what’s been seen in the movies. But in all honesty, it does feel as though the story that’s been given has done a fairly good job of pushing their history to the side unless it’s absolutely needed.

At this point, pushing their story forward feels like it would be a big mistake, not to mention that it would be more of the same old thing that wouldn’t be nearly as exciting as it needs to be. In other words, it feels as though the Sanderson sisters were given a very narrow window in which to be entertaining, and the time to widen their story has been exhausted. 

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1. If the witches become heroes, it alters the story significantly. 

Near the end of the sequel, it was seen that the witches had been turned into sympathetic figures that were far more caring than they were seen to be in the first movie. In their first outing, they appeared to be far more dysfunctional since Winifred was the domineering and controlling sister, while the other two were useful in their own ways but were kind of dim. But this time around, the movie sought to show that all three of them had feelings and were, therefore, worth sympathizing with.

I mean, sucking the life force out of kids and worshiping Satan doesn’t make them bad, right? It’s too bad that sarcasm doesn’t come through clearer, but the point is that if the witches become anything but the villains they started as, this story takes a very huge turn that makes it feel less than effective. 

Two of these movies should be enough, seriously. 

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