Arnold Schwarzenegger Photobombs Tourists Next to Eiffel Tower

If you weren’t aware of one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s favorite hobbies today will make you do some digging afterwards.   All of us know that Arnold is a fitness fanatic and in addition to lifting weights he’s a huge fan of riding his bike.  But he doesn’t just ride his bike anywhere.   He does it all around the world and documents it on social media. He did it in London a couple of years back on a Boris Bike and documented the whole experience on Instagram.

This year he’s decided to take his bike to the streets of Paris. He visited the Eiffel Tower, photobombed a group of tourists, and just generally looked like he was having a great time.  I’m quite certain the tourists didn’t mind in the least and we’re certainly loving it.  Keep doing you Arnold.

His caption reads:

Fantastic bike ride through Paris. I cannot say this enough: to truly appreciate a city, get on a bike. Thank you to the tourists at the Eiffel Tower for letting me crash your photo!

Can’t you just picture him actually saying the word “fantastic” in his accent?  Love this.

Image: Alfonso Jimenez/REX/Shutterstock

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