10 Things You Didn’t Know about Sebastian Lletget

Sebastian Lletget

Soccer is one of the most popular sports of today, as is evident from the fans that fill the stadiums to cheer their favorite team. People like David Beckham, Lionel Messi, and Cristiano Ronaldo have made their mark in the world of sports through soccer. Similarly, Sebastian Lletget is one big name in the world of soccer. He is a renowned American soccer player currently playing for LA Galaxy, although probably not as famous as the stars mentioned above. You must be curious to learn more about this player, and here are some facts about him.

1. His family

Sebastian’s parents Sara Lletget and Francisco Lletget are Argentinians living in California. His parents saw his potential in football at an earlier age and were ready to support him grow the talent. They looked for the right place where Sebastian could get the best training, and their efforts were successful.

2. He is in a relationship

Sebastian is currently dating Becky G, a famous singer. The two met in 2016 through Jordan Spence and Naomi Scott. The bond between the two became strong, and Becky says in Hola that their relationship is beautiful. Sebastian is not only her boyfriend but her best friend too. Becky also supports her boyfriend in all aspects. Earlier this year, when Sebastian had an injury, she asked fans to help her through prayers and moral guidance. Becky says that football is a demanding career, and she will stand with her boyfriend no matter the situation.

3. His sisters used to complain about his training habit

When Sebastian was young, he seemed much addicted to kicking the ball. He could do it better than anything else to the extent of annoying his sisters. Even late in the evening, when Sebastian was called to get in the house, he could continue kicking the ball and pretend not to hear. Sometimes his shots broke the windows and other items in the house. The sisters always complained little did they know that Sebastian was preparing for a journey of prosperity.

4. His mother first objected to him going to Argentina to play soccer

Since Sebastian showed his prowess in football at a very early age, his father was ready to support him. When Sebastian was eleven, his father took him for auditions in Argentina. Sebastian impressed the coaches in the auditions hence qualified to be part of River Plate’s youth. Sebastian’s mother was not happy with the idea of her son leaving home at that young age and objected to the plans of him joining the team. Four years later, his mother gave in and allowed him to go away from home to further his training in football.

5. He is a product of West Ham United Academy

All the skills that Sebastian is now using in football are mainly from West Ham United Football Academy. When his mother finally allowed him to leave home, Sebastian made his first stop in England. According to Heavy, his maternal grandfather assisted him in gaining a European passport. When he arrived in England, he started training with West Ham United. He was 16 years old by then, and he got the chance to train with top soccer players. The coach realized that he had a talent and started taking a keen interest in him to ensure that he perfected the skill.

6. He once suffered a case of mononucleosis

Sebastian’s time in West Ham had its ups and downs. Despite being one of the celebrated players during the training, he had mononucleosis. The condition was severe and made him miss training for most of 2010. It did not, however, affect his career since he had the talent and passion; he resumed training upon recovery and went back on track.

7. He signed his first professional contract in 2010

Sebastian signed his first professional contract in 2010 as a player in West Ham. He played in the pre-season friendly matches but remained on the bench in four premier league games in the 2012-2013 season. The case of mononucleosis slowed down his career, but West Ham later extended his contract in 2013. He then went on to sign a contract with LA Galaxy and is still playing in the football club.

8. He makes a heart shape with his hands when celebrating a goal

Players have different styles of celebrating after they score a goal, and for Sebastian, his style is making a heart sign with his hands. He says that as a football lover, he uses the symbol to appreciate the far he has come and the people who are supporting him. He says in an interview with US Soccer that the sign is for the people who have given him the support to reach there. He is always thankful to his family, friends, and his girlfriend.

9. He earns $300,000 per year with the LA Galaxy

As a player in LA Galaxy, Sebastian takes home a basic salary of $300,000 per annum. When you add the allowances, the amount increases to $312,667. His football career is his primary source of income, and with the earnings, he has a net worth of about $1 million.

10. Outside the pitch, he loves fashion

Most people use their careers to pursue their passion. For instance, Mariah Carey is a renowned artist but seems to love acting. Therefore even after she sang the theme song for “Mixed-ish,” she hoped that she would get to at least guest star in one episode. Similarly, Sebastian loves to be in the latest outfits when he is off-pitch. He thought that being in the pitch should be in line with fashion. His wardrobe is, therefore, full of different designs of outfits that he finds appealing. His musician girlfriend also guides him in getting trendy outfits on the market. Sebastian finds being stylish cool, but only if he is performing well on the pitch.

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