Scream Writer Insists Matthew Lillard’s Character Is Not Coming Back

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Fans might not like to hear this and might not want to admit it, but Stu Macher has been dead since the first Scream movie, and whatever beliefs to the contrary might exist have been debunked by the person who wrote the script. Just so people can understand that point, the WRITER of the script, which was used in the late, great Wes Craven’s iconic movie, made it clear that Stu died an excruciating and messy death. The only stretcher the character would be taken out of the house on would be the one carrying the body bag that had him encased within, meaning that any word of him being in the Scream franchise from that point on was accidental or misguided, as the mention of him showing up during a party scene at one point was just Matthew Lillard is showing up on set and being filmed. That might sound a little dodgy, but it sounds much better than thinking that Stu could survive the blood loss he experienced near his death or the TV slammed in his face and the electricity coursed through his body shortly after. In other words, just so people continue to understand, Stu is dead, expired, and reduced to the state of a corpse that’s been decomposing for the last five movies. The big D, as in ‘dead’. 

credit: Scream

It’s confusing to think that people decided to cling to Stu as a favored killer

Hey, everyone has their favorite character in a movie. Still, Stu is one of those that’s a bit confusing since it feels as though Billy was the one that did most of the legwork in the movie, considering that Stu appeared confident when his partner was around. Besides that, Stu didn’t feel as though he was that strong of a character, as his personality leaned far more toward the role of the excellent friend whose identity was bound up in his girlfriend, friends, and little else. As far as being a killer, this felt like a thrill ride for Stu, since every moment he grew quiet, and every second he was shown to be uncertain, it was evident that he was not the strong individual in the partnership that he and Billy had formed. 

Billy managed to come back in Scream 5 as an influence over his daughter, so why not Stu?

There’s an apparent reason that Billy came back since his daughter was a part of the legacy at that time, and somehow, in some way, she could hear her father’s voice in her head and see him as though he was there. This psychosis is strong enough that one can easily believe that leaving Billy out and only mentioning him would have been a severe mistake. The ghost of Billy Loomis was a great idea to push, but it doesn’t appear as though there was any such story for Stu since he was along for the ride and didn’t warrant any return. If the franchise were to bring something akin to Billy’s situation at this time, it does feel as though it would be forced and not at all natural to the story. 

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Fans are still going to idolize Stu without question

Everyone has the right to cling to whatever characters they want to idolize, but Stu is bound to stand out as someone who might make some folks scratch their heads as they try to figure out why Scream fans will keep Stu’s name an essential part of the franchise. It’s true; he was there for the first movie; he was important because he was one of the two killers that helped to shape this franchise, and along with Billy, Stu was part of the story that has gone on to inspire many that have come after it. For that and more, people will keep remembering Stu as long as Scream can exist in the minds of the fans. But when everything is said and done, keeping Stu’s memory alive isn’t about to bring him back. 

As a killer, Stu wasn’t that effective

If Stu tried to be a killer all on his own, he would have been a failure since this guy could barely control his emotions when he was hyped up. Trying to think that Stu was a planner and could maximize the terror of his victims is funny since it’s not that believable. When Billy was around, he was on the thrill ride of his life and was confident and practical since it’s likely that Billy kept him in check most times. But on his own, Stu was a mess. So yes, he’s dead, and it’s probably for the best. 

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