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For a franchise that should have ended after the second movie, if not the first, Scream has managed and is still managing to keep a massive fanbase that doesn’t want to see the franchise go away any time soon. That would explain why Scream 6 is eventually on the way to theaters and will be in theaters this coming March. This time things are being taken out of Woodsboro and delivered into the overcrowded streets of New York, where the danger will increase exponentially since, like it or not, the big city can be dangerous. With a few survivors making the trek from the last movie, it would appear that the movie is bound to be set around Halloween, given the appearance of so many people in costume on the subway, as seen in the trailer. This alone is enough to make it clear that this movie already has the potential for a mass number of jump scares and deaths that are notoriously bloody. It has been stated that this movie will be gorier than any of its predecessors, and while some might question this, the reality is that upping the ante for this movie in terms of effects was necessary. 

How many killers will there be this time? 

Initially, the Scream franchise had two killers since working in tandem wasn’t a new idea. Still, it kept people guessing who the killer might be until a certain point since pinning everything on Billy sounded way too easy, but no one was ever looking at Stu. As the movies went on, the complexities of the killers continued to change and hover around the initial dual killer’s idea, like flies on a carcass, as things became sillier and far more ridiculous. At one point, it was revealed that in the third movie, Roman was why Billy went after Sidney while Stu was just along for the ride. Once Billy’s mother and Mickey unveiled themselves in the second movie, it was enough to elicit an eye roll and wonder how things would progress from there in the world. Then came the copycats in part four and the continued copycats in part five, which makes many people wonder if anyone will ever come up with an original idea to kill people. 

The big city is a great place to start a killing spree

Many generalized ideas about New York City have been formed, especially given that the place is enormous, and many believe that many folks fall through the cracks. Murder in the big city is considered to be relatively commonplace, which is saddening to be sure. Still, New York City has, at the current moment, a lower murder rate than several other cities. Suppose the movie is about to bank on the idea that killing people in a crowded place in New York is easier. In that case, it’s fair to say that they’ll be pulling from the over-generalized assessment of the city, as many people that don’t read the statistics might easily guess that someone who is killed in a large crowd of people wouldn’t be noticed until it’s too late. There are plenty of arguments to be had concerning this matter, but it does feel that this type of horror trope will be applied liberally in this movie. If it fits the narrative, it could quickly work, but otherwise, it feels as though playing upon the irrational fear that some have toward the big city (which is pretty standard) could be the go-to device in this movie. 

credit: Scream 6

Sidney won’t be there, but Gale will

It was made clear that Sidney Prescott wouldn’t be showing up for part 6 of the franchise, which could be risky considering that she’s been around since the first movie, but Gale will appear in the movie. Whether or not she’ll still be alive at the end is up for grabs, especially given what happened in part five. It would appear that ever since the second movie came out, Gale has been dodging death in a manner that could only be credited to plot armor that helped to keep her around. At this point, the plot armor is weakening when it comes to many characters that were favored in several of the previous movies, so it could be that this is where Gale takes her final bow. 

Yes, it has been confirmed that Dewey is dead

For all those conspiracy theorists out there, it has been confirmed that Dewey is dead, as his death in the last movie was the last we’ll be seeing of him unless the legacy characters are referenced in the sixth installment. Some folks might like to think that death is never a dealbreaker in the movies, but it sounds like it could be final in this franchise. If Dewey did come back as a killer, then it might not be as well-received as some might think. 

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