Scorpion: Boy Trapped in Wheel Well. Paige Knows White Lie.

Scorpion: Boy Trapped in Wheel Well. Paige Knows White Lie.


As children mature into young adults, they can do some pretty irrational things. In this week’s episode of Scorpion, a young boy stowaway, Kenny Layton, hides in the wheel well of a plane. It’s up to Team Scorpion to save him before he turns into a permanent human icicle. Walter also contemplates telling Paige about his white lie.

Major kudos to Paige as she stepped up to the plate and did the impossible to save Kenny’s life. A mother would do anything to protect her child, and Paige has done that. Even at the cost of injuring her hands while holding onto the railing while the wheel well opened.

Meanwhile, Walter takes a backseat and stays in the garage, running diagnostics and whatnot that pertains to the case. That, and trying to come up with a way to tell Paige about his night out with Florence. I’d thought that he would tell her the truth and hope for the best. Unfortunately, he chickened out at the last minute. Unbeknownst to Mr. 197, Paige is aware that her boyfriend is lying about something. In other words, this whole Walter/Florence thing will come to light sooner or later if the description for the finale is any indication. One can only hope that Waige will not fall apart when the time comes.

Speaking of Walter, I get the impression that he’s treating his relationship with Paige like a science experiment of sorts. When a new issue arises, he’s making charts and gathering data so he can find the perfect outcome to solve the problem. The thing is, relationships are not like a science experiment where you plug in some variables and combine whatever element and somehow creating an error-free scenario where everyone is happy and content. It’s about communication and compromise. Above all, it’s about trusting one another and not having any secrets that might rock the relationship. If Walter wants to be together with Paige, he should get his head out of his butt and come clean once and for all.

Back to the rescue mission, the team came up with various solutions to keep Kenny awake and alive. The part where they sent heat to the boy was brilliant. That, and the scene where they put out the engine fire after pulling a lever. It also helps to have Quintis go to another plane at the airport and tell those who are on the plane where to go and what to do. Another job well done, Team Scorpion! On a side note, Quintis is still having anxiety about having a baby, which led Happy to do some extreme things to blow off steam, much to Toby’s chagrin. Hopefully, they will be able to conceive so Toby won’t have to worry about his wife every five minutes.

Final Thoughts:

Ralph works up the courage to ask Patty out but ends up getting shot down by her in the most gentle way possible. At least they will remain close friends after this emotional pain goes away.

Sweat-drop Moment: Walter kept sending Paige gifts on the plane. A massager, seriously? Enough with the gifts, 197! On the other hand, the upgrade to business class was thoughtful!

Great advice from Agent Gallo. Sylvester should stop thinking about odds and statistics and go with his gut regarding asking Florence out on a date. Hope it works out for him! Oh, and congrats on the military ordering your water filters, Sylvester!

Another great episode title. Nice play on the classic Elton John song, show! I pretty much sang Bennie and the Jets under my breath after seeing said title.

What did you think of the episode? Should Walter have told Paige the truth? Will Kenny be able to move back to Los Angeles with his Dad? Comment below! Photo via CBS

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