‘1000-lb Sisters’ Tammy Slaton’s Death Scare In New Season 4 Preview

After a year since season 3, 1000-lb Sisters is almost here with much more from Tammy Slaton. Having set to premiere on January 17th, the TLC reality show is packed with drama, growth, life-changing events, and some pretty scary scenes. A recently released preview for the upcoming season shows us 36-year-old Tammy in a near-death experience.

‘1000-lb Sisters’ Tammy Slaton’s Death Scare In New Season 4 Preview

Credit: 1000-lb Sisters

What Happens To Tammy Slaton?

The 1000-lb Sisters’ preview shows Tammy being rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. This is way before her routine gastric bypass surgery is due, and we see her being rushed to the ER. What exactly happened? and is our beloved star going to be okay? These are just some of the few questions I bet fans worldwide have after watching the preview.

As Tammy Slaton is quickly taken to the ER, we can see that she can’t breathe, and her sister Amy who is 35, says, “Her body is shutting down.”

One can’t help but worry because we have all seen Tammy’s struggle during the three seasons as she tries to get a better lifestyle and become healthy. It hasn’t been an easy journey for her, and viewers have always cheered her on as she inspires many of us.

To add to our growing anxiousness, we see Tammy’s doctor in another scene. Tammy has a tracheostomy that is helping her breathe, and the doctor voices his concerns for her health.

“I told you, Tammy, you have real risks,” he says to her.

‘1000-lb Sisters’ Tammy Slaton’s Death Scare In New Season 4 Preview

Credit: 1000-lb Sisters

1000-lb Sisters

The TLC show “1000-lb Sisters” quickly became a fan’s favorite immediately after it first debuted in 2020. The show is about the weight-loss journey of two sisters, Tammy and Amy, and it has been nothing but emotionally authentic. We have been a part of the two sisters’ journeys, be it happiness, anger, depression, determination, you name it!

The combined weight of both sisters was over 1000 pounds. 1000-lb shows how they grew each yearning for more independent and fulfilling lives. Simply put, they wanted to be healthy.

Tammy Slaton’s Death Scare Earlier This Year

Just one day before Tammy was quickly taken to the ER, she had taken the initiative to get help and joined a weight loss rehab facility in Ohio. This was after she struggled with drinking, vaping, and depression.

Just as soon as Chris, Tammy’s brother, and his wife Brittany dropped her at the facility, they got a call telling them that she had quit breathing.

‘1000-lb Sisters’ Tammy Slaton’s Death Scare In New Season 4 Preview

Credit: @tlc

“They’re just telling us that her lungs have given up and like her body is shutting down,” Amy, Tammy’s sister, told People. “So at this point, you know, we’re facing making funeral arrangements for my little sister.”

“I’m just sitting here thinking, Oh my god. She’s been in such a bad place for so long. She waited too long. And now that she has the courage to step out and get the help that she needs, now this.”

What More To Expect From Tammy And Amy In Season 4

From the preview released, Chris doesn’t hide his fears. He says that Tammy might actually die because of her weight if she doesn’t get the surgery done. She thankfully had her gastric bypass surgery in June 2022, so she’s on the right path to a healthier lifestyle.

The one thing Tammy has and will never lack is support from all her loved ones. Her family, and don’t forget her faithful fans. Tammy was even able to add one more particular person to her list.

‘1000-lb Sisters’ Tammy Slaton’s Death Scare In New Season 4 Preview

Credit: @tlc

Tammy Get’s Married

As I said before, season four is packed with even better moments alongside the scary ones. 1000-lb will include her new relationship with Caleb Willingham, a fellow patient she met at the center for treatment, and how the two finally walked down the aisle in November 2022. They got married surprisingly at the same rehab center they had met in.

TLC honored Tammy’s and Caleb’s wedding by posting a video on Instagram.

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