Scandal’s 100th Episode Will Be Set in an Alternate Reality

Scandal must have been reading my mind because I literally wrote an article last week about it possibly becoming too predictable.  The show’s in it 6th season and I mentioned how it might very well be suffering from a bit of fatigue.  The reality is that when a show as popular as Scandal reaches a sixth season it’s difficult to keep the audience on their toes.  We’ve already seen all the surprises. the drama, the betrayal, you name it.  It all becomes commonplace and there’s only so much an Olivia Pope can do to spice things up.

I’ve mentioned how the show might need a new character or a few new story lines to breathe new life into it.  P.S. the show is still excellent it’s just that some of the twists and turns that would once grab us don’t have the same effect.   Right on cue, the show is spicing it up a little in their 100th episode.  According to TV Guide

Scandal is going to flip things upside down for their 100th episode next month. The Shonda Rhimes drama is going to do an alternate reality for the landmark episode that will explore the lives of their core characters if Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) hadn’t helped to fix the election to get Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) elected as President of the United States.

Goldwyn revealed during the Scandal PaleyFest 2017 panel on Sunday that it’s not only a fun episode for the cast and for fans, but that it will help progress the storylines currently underway. “It’s the alternate universe,” Josh Malina added. “There’s lots of fantasy fulfillment. There’s also lot of dread fulfillment.”

According to the cast, the 100th episode table read had more laughs from the cast than any other episode they’ve read together. “It’s kind of oxygen. You laugh because you need to,” she said. “We’re laughing because we as humans need to laugh. I think the audience will feel that too.”

Guess we’ll have to see but this looks promising.

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