Saying Goodbye To Girl Meets World: The Show’s 10 Best Moments

Saying Goodbye To Girl Meets World: The Show’s 10 Best Moments


Girl Meets World was an exciting way to bring back its predecessor, Boy Meets World. The original television show aired on ABC Network from 1993 until 2000. The show followed the lives of a group of kids from middle school through high school to college and marriage as they handled life’s challenges of growing up. Ben Savage played Cory Matthews. Cory married his friend from middle school, Topanga Lawrence (Danielle Fisher). Along the way, they were mentored by older people including their teacher, George Feeny (William Daniels) and made their way in this coming-of-age program.

Disney Channel uniquely reprised Boy Meets World with Girl Meets World. The television show follows Cory and Topanga’s daughter, Riley (Rowan Blanchard) as she makes her way through her teenage years just like her parents did before her. The Matthews family lives in New York City where Cory works as a history teacher and Topanga is now a lawyer. Along with Riley, the couple has a younger son Auggie (August Maturo). Riley and her friends go through their coming-of-age moments just as her parents did. They learn life’s lessons. Most important is they learn compassion and the value of friendship. The show brings in several cameos of characters from Boy Meets World. Sadly, the show is ending after just 3 seasons. The final episode will air January 13.

Here are 10 of the most memorable moments of Girl Meets World.

Riley and Maya visit Cory and Topanga in the past

One of the best things about Girl Meets World is the nostalgia it evokes for Boy Meets World and how the show incorporates the original series into its episodes. The show obviously is a sequel to the original, but when Girl Meets World brings back characters from the original, it is always touching. In this Season 2 episode, Riley and Maya visit Cory, Topanga and the gang when they were young. This daydream sequence merges the original series with the new one. It is exciting to see the original scenes and to see Riley and Maya realize how much they are like the original gang.

Mr. Feeny returns

In Season 2, we see the return of Mr. Feeny. Mr. Feeny was not only a teacher to Cory’s gang, but was a valuable mentor, even after graduation. Mr. Feeny saw the original kids go through the challenges of growing up from middle school through high school to college, careers and marriage. It is heart touching to see him come back to mentor the younger generation.

The return of Tommy

For those nostalgic for Boy Meets World, Girl Meets World often brings back characters. Sometimes they are tear evoking moments. In Season 2, Eric is running for Senate and needs all of the campaign help that he can get. During the campaign, Eric runs into a political blogger, TJ. It turns out TJ is Tommy, the boy that Eric mentored and considered adopting in the original series. It is great to see what happened to the kids from the first series and how they turned out as they grew up.

The kids learn that they can make a difference

There are a couple of episodes on Girl Meets World that investigate politics. Eric’s Senate run encourages the kids to get involved. The political race is truly a “David and Goliath” contest with Eric being the underdog. As the kids get involved with helping Eric’s campaign, they discover the challenges involved in politics, but they also learn that they are all capable of being involved and making a difference in government.

Katy and Shawn marry

Maya has long been affected by her father leaving her mother. Shawn, a friend of Cory and Topanga since childhood has dated Maya’s mom, Katy. Maya has longed for a family like her best friend Riley’s family. Everything works out in the end. Shawn and Katy marry and create the family that Maya has longed for. Mr. Feeny even officiates at the wedding.

The value of friendship

Girl Meet World has several storylines about the value of friendship. However, the 3 part episode of Season 2, is a heart wrenching lesson. When Riley, Maya and Lucas visit Texas, Maya realizes that she has feelings for Lucas. Since day 1 of the series, Riley and Lucas seemed to be a match. When Riley learns of her best friend’s feelings for the boy she has always liked, she steps aside and encourages the relationship. The storyline teaches Riley that friendship is more important than boyfriends.

Being a part of a team

In Season 2, Riley tries out for the cheerleading squad. In this episode, Riley learns that friendship does not need to involve jealousy and meanness, but true friendship is about loyalty and support. When she is supported by the cheerleaders instead of snubbed, Riley discovers that girls can support each other. The story parallels with a story of Topanga and Maya’s mom, Katy’s, friendship.

Riley’s gift of the Menorah

In the Season 3 episode where the teens study their heritage, some are surprised. When Farkle learns that his heritage is Jewish, he is surprised. As a true and loving friend, Riley gives him the gift of a Menorah in honor of Farkle’s Jewish heritage. Girl Meets World is filled with these types of gestures, and this episode shows how much Riley cares about her friends.

Farkle’s autism

During Season 2, beloved character Farkle, learns that he is autistic, specifically, he has Asperger’s Syndrome. It is touching to see his friends study autism to learn more about it and to see how they can support their good friend. Girl Meets World has been all about the importance of friendship and the theme carried over from the original series. During the teenage years of angst and confusion, it is great to see friends sticking together and supporting each other as they discover themselves.

The talking tater tots

Girl Meets World mixed humor with serious life lessons. The Tell Tale Tater Tot episode is the perfect example of this. In this Season 2 episode, Riley lies to her parents so that she and Maya can secretly attend a party. Riley’s guilt about lying ways on her. During the episode, she imagines a plate of tater tots talking to her as her moral compass. It is reminiscent of Edgar Allen Poe’s “Tell Tale Heart”. The Tell Tale Tater Tots reflect Riley’s guilt over the lie leading her to come clean.

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