10 Things You Didn’t Know about Sarah Booth

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Sarah Booth

Sarah Booth

Sarah Booth is one of Hollywood’s most recognizable actors, even if she is not from Hollywood. She did not grow up in LA, and she didn’t go to school in the area, but she is a trained actress who is good at what she does. A dutiful actress, she’s starred in several movies and TV shows ever since she made her debut in Desiderata, a short film directed by Hugh John Murray in 2009.

Since receiving her SAG card as a professional actress, Sarah’s career has been on the ascension. She’s performed on stage on critically acclaimed shows as well as appeared in popular movies and TV shows. Often as a supporting actor but nevertheless doing enough to stand out. To say her future in the industry is bright is to state the obvious, which is why it’s worth getting to know her.

1. She’s an 80s Child

A fall baby and an 80s baby. There’s nothing better, is there? Sarah Booth was born on November 4, 1986, which makes her a mid-range millennial. She came of age in the 90s, which means she got to enjoy some of the best the decade had to offer, from VHS tapes to the fall of the Soviet Union.

2. She is Canadian

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Sarah Booth

She was born and raised in Canada. Specifically, she’s from Montreal. We don’t know a lot about her family or her parents other than their last name is Hansen. She didn’t grow up in Montreal despite being born there. In fact, she and her family lived in a small town. They had a quiet life there in Ormstown, Quebec, and they rather liked it. She did not go back to Montreal until she was an adult and was free to make her own decisions.

3. She’s a Stunt Performer

Sarah Booth is making a name for herself as an actress, but she’s capable of more than that. She’s also a stunt performer and her agility has served movies like The Scarehouse and Mind Blown. Sarah’s flexibility has also gotten her work in a superhero property. She performed some of the stunts in Batman: Arkham Origins.

4. She is a Trained Performer

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Sarah Booth

One thing about her acting is that it was finessed by wonderful educators. She’s a classically trained actress who was taught in Montreal and was able to use her lessons throughout a career on stage. That was followed by television and film, and to say she’s done well is a gross understatement. In the first act of her career, her education has helped her to seven award wins and 3 nominations. One of them is a FANtastic Horror Film Festival Best Actress award for The Scarehouse.

5. She Prefers Her Privacy

If there is one thing we can say about this actress, it is that she is a woman who prefers her privacy. She is someone who likes to keep her life to herself, she doesn’t share too much, and she really enjoys that she can keep part of her life to herself. It’s a real gift to do that when you are this famous.

6. She’s Had Awesome Guest Roles

Sarah Booth in Law and Order SVU

Some shows are on the air for a long time, and they have a wonderful cast. Then an actor or actress comes into the picture and only makes it better with a quick appearance or two. For a few shows, she’s been the latter. Sarah Booth has guest starred in shows like American Horror Story, Law & Order SVU, and SWAT. 

7. She Starred in a Teen Drama

They’re all the rage no matter what decade it is. Kids and young adults want a teen drama they can watch and follow along with, and she’s been given the chance to do some of that herself. She starred in the 2011 show 30 Vies, a French-Canadian high school drama about a bunch of kids doing their thing and getting into trouble in the meantime.

8. She is a Star Trek alumni

Sarah Booth

Some people get to do some acting and make some dreams come true. She’s been doing some acting, but we should mention that her acting credit includes an appearance in one of the world’s most popular franchises, Star Trek. She starred as Luda in ‘The Examples’ episode of Star Trek: Discovery. Despite being a one-off appearance, she made a notable impression on viewers and expanded her pop culture footprint.

9. She Had a Cool Job

Before Sarah Booth was a famous actress, she was doing live stunt shows for a little company called Universal Studios. She was part of the Waterworld live stunt show, which is nothing that you can just do without amazing training and some serious skill. What a fun job to say you had.

10. She is Married to a film director

Sarah Booth

Sarah Booth is a married woman, and she is not a newlywed. She’s been married for more than a decade to fellow Canadian, Gavin Michael Booth. They got married in 2012. He is also in show business, but not as an actor. He is a director and a producer and has been working professionally since 2004, five years before Sarah made her acting debut.

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