San Diego Comic-Con: Once Upon A Time Stars Rebecca Mader & Emilie De Ravin Talk Season 6

Once Upon A Time

At San Diego Comic-Con, I had the opportunity to speak with several members of the cast and crew of my favorite shows. In the press room for Once Upon A TimeI talked with series stars Rebecca Mader (Zelena) and Emilie De Ravin (Belle) on what’s coming for their characters in Season 4. 

This was a fun interview. Both ladies were extremely fun and easy to talk to, and they also recommended that everyone watch Stranger Things on Netflix. Assuming it doesn’t interfere with your catching up on Once Upon A Time, of course.

What’s Coming Up For Belle?

Belle ended the last season trapped in Pandora’s box, so I asked Emilie De Ravin if she got some time off. Spoiler alert! “No, I didn’t actually. So obviously she’s out of the box in Season 6. But she does start in the box.” Perhaps that means that we will see Belle DURING her stay in the box? De Ravin also told us that “there’s some dream stuff,” and that the way she ends up “out of the box” is “really cool.” It also “reveals a lot about her relationship, and a lot about her past and future.”

What About Zelena?

What can we expect from Regina and Zelena’s relationship in Season 6? According to Rebecca Mader, “You can expect a lot.” “There’s a lot of things that Zelena has to deal with,” Mader said, in reference to the death of Hades, and having a family that she’s never had before. Of course, in relation to Regina, Mader also talked about their journey down the path of light. She compared the redemptive journeys of Regina and Zelena to alcoholism, where “you’re doing really well and then you might relapse,” Mader said. “I think there’s going to be a lot of that kind of struggle in Season 6.” However, Mader also told us, “I don’t ever want to lose my wickedness completely.” Take that as you will.

I asked Mader if she’d be interested to see Zelena and The Wicked Witch separated, like The Evil Queen and Regina, and she told me “that’d be wicked. Yeah.” (I’m not sure if there was a pun intended or not. You’ll have to ask her.) She hadn’t thought about my idea before and said it was a “really good idea” and that she’d “talk to the boys about it.” Maybe I’m in the wrong career! Zelena facing off against the Wicked Witch is certainly something I’d watch. She seemed excited about the idea, so if you see it on the show, you read it here first!!

Telling Untold Stories?

The ladies also shared with us what characters they’d like to see in the Land of Untold Stories? Mader said that she loved The Chronicles of Narina, and would love to see that story get told, or maybe one day visit Narnia. De Ravin said that she wants Mary Poppins, Pippi Longstocking, or Polyanna, to add to the show’s existing strong female roles.

Season 6 Preview:

So what can we expect from Season 6? This season “brings it back to its roots,” De Ravin said. Mader also told us that they’re not doing two separate arcs, but the entire season will have a through line. That sounds right in line with what the executive producers told me, too. I loved the first two seasons of this show, which means I’m more excited than ever for Season 6.

What do you guys think? Are you primed for the new season? Let us know in the comments!

Once Upon A Time returns September 25th, 2016 on ABC

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