Once Upon a Time: Sam Witwer Cast in Recurring Role as Warden of Mental Institution

Saw Witwer has experience playing characters that make us uneasy.  Remember him as a villain in Smallville?  So it should come as no surprise that Witwer will be playing a warden of a mental institution on ABC’s Once Upon a Time.   Deadline reports that Witwer will play Jacob who is the evil and overbearing warden.  He will be joined by Popular alumni Hank Harris who will be playing one of the institution’s mental patients.   In case you didn’t read it on TVline a few weeks ago, Michael Ausiello reported some serious spoiler action in the form of this quote:

I have not just “any” spoilers, but a bit of a sneak peek at Season 6! For the final two episodes of the about-to-premiere Season 5B, the ABC series is looking to cast the recurring roles of two brothers – one who is physically imposing, brutish, morally corrupt and willing to destroy his family in the pursuit of power, and the other who is weaker and desperate to escape his older bro’s sinister shadow. Should Once get picked up for the fall, these two newcomers would spill over into next season, as well. Cain and Abel? An anthropomorphized Scar and Mufasa?

Obviously we know that Harris is the weaker brother.  It will be interesting to see how while being held as a patient in this hospital if he can escape his brothers wrath.  While we haven’t the faintest clue on how he’s going to do this, I’m almost certain it’s going to involve a bunch of other characters.   How those characters are utilized is sure to be interesting.

And since we know these will be recurring characters this story may very well take some time to develop.   The characters are expected to appear at the end of this season and then spill over into season 6.  The show keeps getting better and better!

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