Sam Nunberg’s Relationship To Donald Trump Began When he was 5 at Wrestlemania

Remember Sam Nunberg? For those of you that don’t know the man, this adviser to the president first met Trump at Wrestlemania V when he was only 5 years old. That’s how far back Nunberg traces his time with the current POTUS, but it would seem that all that time didn’t inspire a whole lot of loyalty. Nunberg was released from his position when it was discovered that his Facebook account featured racists posts that could have done serious damage to Trump’s already-flagging popularity. When it was determined that the posts did come from Nunberg’s account he was let go without much hesitation. Of course that sparked a great deal of outrage as the former staffer took to blaming just about anyone he could, even the POTUS, when it came to what had happened.

Nunberg has denied that he wrote any such racist comments on Facebook and has even debased himself just a little but stating how inept he is at social media. At this point you would think that the majority of those in the White House that are attached to Trump would be able to tweet with their eyes closed,  but apparently that’s not the case. Despite his denials Nunberg was let go, and the venom and acid he spewed as a result didn’t stop for a while as he took on just about everyone, going so far as to call the president and idiot and Sara Huckabee Sanders a fat slob. While his little temper tantrum is unwarranted and unneeded it is a reaction that many people could possibly understand if not condone. When one sits at this level the expectation is usually that they can conduct themselves through good or bad times with some measure of self-respect and dignity. However that rarely seems to be the case when discussing those in a position of influence.

Nunberg might have thought that he shared something special with the POTUS because of what happened when he was 5 years old, but seems to be a very thin connection that holds very little weight at this time. What he did or didn’t do is no longer a factor, it’s how he’s reacted to being let go that’s bound to get him remembered for some time to come. The opinion of many when it comes to those in Washington D.C. is that a great number of politicians and those that work for them are either crooked as the letter S or are entirely self-serving. This kind of reaction by Nunberg elicits a different kind of feeling from people, that people who work for politicians are more like spoiled children that, when reprimanded, lash out at everyone else in an effort to make their situation a little better.

Whether he did post the comments to his Facebook page or not, and he’s been adamantly denying it, is no longer the issue. The problem now is that Nunberg has effectively made himself look like a giant child throwing a tantrum. That’s an image that’s hard to break.

Sam Nunberg’s Relationship To Donald Trump Began When he was 5 at Wrestlemania

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