10 Things You Didn’t Know about Ryan Meinerding

There are a lot of people that won’t ever take the time to get to know those that are working behind the scenes to bring them  their favorite heroes and villains when it comes to the comics and the movies, just like a lot of folks don’t bother getting to know the people that are providing their food on a continual basis. But Ryan Meinerding has been in the process of making a career that he can not only enjoy but brings a great deal of joy to the people that read and watch the comics and movies that his contributions help to make possible. It seems fair to say that he’s in an ideal job where he gets to do what he loves and gets paid quite well for it. On top of that, his dedication and ability have earned him quite a bit of prestige as he’s moved up the ladder in a successful and meaningful way.

Here are a few things you might not have known about Ryan.

10. He’s been with Marvel for quite some time it sounds like.

It does sound as though Ryan has paid his dues and in the process has managed to become quite valuable to the company in more than one way considering that he’s trending and that his name is well-known to those that decide to look beyond the panel to see who’s responsible for the stories and artwork.

9. Ryan has been into art since he was very little apparently.

It sounds as though he almost always had something in his hand to produce his artwork with, be it a crayon, a pencil, or an airbrush in high school. This is a guy that’s followed his passion since day one and hasn’t bothered to give it up for any reason.

8. Jon Favreau invited him to work on Iron Man.

When someone like Jon Favreau actually invites you to come and work on a live adaptation of a comic book hero that you’ve already been working on that’s a big affirmation that you’re someone that’s gained a lot of pull in your chosen field.

7. He’s the head of Visual Development at Marvel.

Just in case you’re wondering, Marvel doesn’t hand titles out on the first day or even first year on the job more often than not and a person really has to have the kind of skills and qualities that they want to elevate them in this manner. Ryan has obviously been doing a lot to impress the right people and at this time he gets to reap the rewards.

6. Right now he’s in his 40s.

You might think a person in their 40s still having anything to do with comic books would be the type that needs to grow up, but would you say that to Stan Lee? After all, those who work at Marvel have been making a killing throughout this last decade even if the comics seem to have dried up a bit in the last several years.

5. There’s not a lot of personal information on him online.

In truth the most you’re likely to find is where he’s from and what he’s done throughout his career. Anything else seems to be missing or takes a lot deeper search to find if it’s even out there. That being the case it’s actually a lot more interesting to learn about his contributions to his career than anything else.

4. He did complete a few character designs on Watchmen.

The way that it’s written down it would sound as though his time with Iron Man is the bulk of his career, but at the same time he’s been instrumental with a lot of heroes and has helped out with a good number of them when it comes to design.

3. His net worth is still under review it looks like.

It’s not really certain what his net worth is at this point but it does seem as though it might be kind of impressive since he does hold a fairly interesting position and he does seem quite valuable to the company.

2. He does have a decent following online.

Those that care about where their comics come from and who’s responsible tend to find an affinity for their favorites and could easily look them up so long as they’re online and are willing to take on followers. In a big way it seems to act as a continual validation to his career since it means that people actually care about his presence within Marvel.

1. Ryan has been an illustrator for a while.

Some folks figure out what they want to do early on in life and then just don’t let go of it. Even when it seems as though it might not afford them much they keep going. Some of them don’t go anywhere for various reasons, but then some manage to hit up the right person for a job and end up becoming very successful.

You might not pay attention to the credits, but just know that guys like Ryan are responsible for a lot of what you see on the big screen.

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