Rumor Has it that Marvel TV Wants to Go Into Comedy

Rumor Has it that Marvel TV Wants to Go Into Comedy

With everything that’s been done by Marvel so far and everything that’s still to come they want to naturally expand into a different genre that many people think they’ve already been dipping into for a while now considering that there are elements of comedy within each of their shows. Take a really good look at each show and you’ll see moments of humor interspersed with the action and the drama. It’s a necessary component that needs to be allowed in to break up the monotony at times so that that shows don’t end up being little more than superhero soap operas.

Don’t get it confused though, they won’t be going full on comedy like you would see in The Office or Parks and Recreation or anything on that scale. Marvel isn’t going to dive bomb and do nothing but a comedic show, that just wouldn’t be in the cards and it would likely upset a lot of fans. But there are always a few ideas that it could come up with if it’s really attempting to do something new. Keeping the comedic moments in the shows is going to be first and foremost however, because the levity helps to keep the story moving and can give each show a better sense of flow that keeps it just light enough to be engaging.

There are a ton of ideas that could be used to create comedy in Marvel TV, but we can only hope that they keep it sensible and don’t go so overboard that it becomes essentially just a silly attempt at something that they haven’t done before but shouldn’t have done in the first place. Marvel TV is at this moment poised to do a lot of great things, but if they start saturating too much of their programming with comedy it could become very disastrous for the franchise. Marvel is after all a realm of superheroes that deal with very real and very dangerous situations and can’t be inundated with too many comedic moments if it wants to be taken seriously.

There are a wide number of comic book ideas that could offer a hint of comedy and even suggest a comedic series, but it would have to be played out just right or the name of Marvel would swiftly cease to mean as much. An idea that comes to mind is a spoof comic titled What The?!. This was a series of comics that were designed to spoof the Marvel Universe and were actually quite amusing for a while. It showcased the heroes and villains in such ways that it was just nonstop silliness that was actually pretty hilarious. If Marvel TV could find a way to bring that back to life they might have another hit on their hands and have successfully pulled into the comedy genre with a new bag full of tricks.

If you’ve ever read What The?! then you know it would work if done right.

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