Rise of the Machines: MIT Makes a Robot That Can Read Your Mind

Rise of the Machines:  MIT Makes a Robot That Can Read Your Mind

I’ve been harping on this for a very long time and every single time I see something that reminds me that we are doomed as a human race, I’m going to post it on this site so that historians will have a full archive of the progress A.I. has made so we can trace it back to the point they annihilated us as a civilization.  Was that a long enough sentence?  While we love to joke about the end of the world and the rise of the machines, if more technology like the one I’m about to share gets created, that inevitable day is surely going to come.   According to Nerdist:

In all seriousness, the technology behind this robot is fascinating – MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory made a robot that responds to a human’s brain signals (with a face that looks like it’s out of a kid’s show to alleviate our fears of it ruthlessly taking over society). In the video below, said robot sorts wire and paint into two different bins, making choices based on the brain waves of a person wearing an EEG (electroencephalogram) cap who is watching the robot work.

In common terms, this is a robot that can essentially read your mind.  We’re screwed folks.  Totally screwed.

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