Five Things We’re Expecting From Scandal Season 6

Five Things We’re Expecting From Scandal Season 6

The wait for Scandal Season 6 seemed like forever to fans, but since 39-year-old series star Kerry Washington was very-pregnant toward the end of Season 5, Scandal Season 6 had to be delayed. There were plenty of jokes going around the set regarding how she hid her baby bump and she told many of them to Michael Strahan on Good Morning America. Her appearance on a segment of the popular morning show aired on January 25, 2017. She also took him on on a tour of the “Scandal” set, during which she explained to him how they would hide her pregnancy behind various costumes and props, like large Prada purses and flower arrangements, for the last five episodes of Season 5.

Kerry is married to Nnamdi Asomugha, who was an NFL player and the two became parents for the second time In October. They also have a two-year-old daughter named Isabelle and their new son’s name is Caleb Kelechi.  So, now with Kerry’s pregnancy behind her, Scandal Season 6 finally aired its premiere episode January 26th on ABC. No more wondering who won the presidential election, so in case you TVOed this episode and haven’t watched it yet, this is a spoiler alert. Don’t read any further because it will ruin the episode for you.

So, here are a few reasons to get excited and look forward to every sinfully delicious minute of Scandal Season 6:

1. “Survival of the Fittest” (Scandal Season 6 Episode 1)

So, who Won? Well, all the votes are in and Mellie didn’t win! Frankie Vargas won, but unfortunately, he lost as well since he was immediately murdered. President Grant was tasked with making the big decision as to who would replace Vargas and he chose Cyrus! What a surprise since it was probably Cyrus who had Vargas killed! Our favorite line from this episode was when Abby tells President Grant that Vargas is dead and he replies that he isn’t dead until he says he’s dead. He gives Olivia until morning to get the evidence that proves that Cyrus had Vargas killed, but she fails. That’s just not quite enough time, even for the amazing Ms. Pope and her team.

Olivia continues investigating the murder and discovers a phone call on the FBI server that had been mysteriously deleted. The call was made by a lady named Jenny and she stated that Cyrus was the murderer. So, Huck and Quinn head out to Jenny’s cabin in the woods to locate her and get the truth once and for all. Unfortunately, there is a massive explosion and Jenny’s hand is found and it’s by Huck and Quinn of course. They were standing outside the cabin when it exploded. We’re so glad they hadn’t gone inside yet because we would miss Huck’s special brand of crazy. On top of that, we loved the cutesy scene when Charlie proposes to Quinn and we’re waiting for her answer, which would never happen if she died.

So, they take the hand in a baggy back to Olivia’s office, thereby identifying the victim as the mysterious Jenny who worked in Vargas’ campaign office. Does she have evidence that Cyrus killed Vargas? Nobody will ever know, will they? What we do know is that at the end of this scene, Quinn accepts Charlie’s proposal.

Meanwhile, Olivia pays a visit to Cyrus and uncharacteristically confronts him abut the murder. Somehow this seems like a bad idea and Olivia is usually so much smarter than that. But, she also has a flair for the dramatic and this is a riveting ending scene for Scandal Season 6 as Olivia whispers in Cyrus’ ear that she knows he did it and she will prove it! Then she walks away in slo-mo with her signature shiny hair swinging with every high-heeled step. How very Olivia Pope of her!

We have to wonder, however, if it just might have been Jake who ordered the hit on Vargas. He left before the President-Elect was shot. After all, with Vargas out of the way, his side would win either way. If Mellie became President, then he’d be VP. On the other hand, if Cyrus becomes POTUS, then Rowan would undoubtedly be pulling his strings. Either way, they’d all surely become Rowan-puppets.

And, speaking of the Earl of Evil, we also thought it could’ve been Rowan who ordered the hit but he swears it wasn’t him. This could be a great way to get rid of Daddy-Dearest, however, he adds so much intrigue to the show, it’s doubtful that the writers would write him off that easily.

2. “Hardball” (Scandal Season 6 Episode 2)

We predict that this title is referring to Olivia playing hardball in her quest to prove that Cyrus had president-elect Vargas killed for his own selfish power-mad reasons. It’s also possible, too, that it might be referring to Cyrus playing hardball and trying to have Olivia killed as well.

And, we’re also hoping that they’ll get more into Jake’s wealthy wife Vanessa’s serious drinking problem, which was fairly evident in episode 1. This storyline should provide some volatile scenes. As you may recall, Jake murdered her father, making it appear to be a heart attack, in the final episode of Season 5.

3. “Fates Worse Than Death” (Scandal Season 6 Episode 3)

This episode, which airs on February 9th, will be directed by Scott Foley. We’ll all be looking forward to that. And, since a great deal of Scandal has been based on military methods of torture at the hand of Rowan and his band of merry murderers, we predict that the threat of torture could be at the root of the title. We also predict that Olivia and Fitz will be thrown back together again and will start up their seriously enticing love affair anew. After all, they have such amazing chemistry and plenty of obviously unfinished business between them. Although we really wish they could just move to Vermont and live happily ever after; that is, of course, impossible because that would put an end to the Scandal that we know and love!

4. Episode 3 thru (21 maybe?)

So, for the rest of the episodes, we predict that Olivia finally proves Cyrus guilt and Mellie becomes President. On the other hand, if Cyrus has time prior to the truth coming out, his VP would be president. Wonder who that will be? We also predict plenty of major fireworks between Olivia and Fitz and in a good way. But, we also predict some between Rowan, Jake, and Vanessa in a bad way. Could she end up dead, too?

5. We Love Quinn/Charlie [Quarlie or Chinn?]

And, what about that adorable murderous couple, Quinn and Charlie? We’d love to see them go to the Caribbean for their honeymoon after Charlie hacks into the airline’s computer and books them First Class seats. After all, don’t those two deserve a happy honeymoon? Yes, they do, and almost as much as Olvia and Fitz! Let’s hear it for honeymoons!

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