Who Is The Stranger In The Rings Of Power Season 1?

Who Is The Stranger In The Rings Of Power Season 1?

Who Is The Stranger In The Rings Of Power Season 1?

The Rings of Power universe explores the balance of power among the Elves, Dwarves, Harfoots, Humans, and Wizards. It can undoubtedly be very complicated, especially if you’re just getting acquainted with it. Interestingly, the complexity of the worlds in the story seems to be a major appeal for the fans of the show.  Sure, the different kingdoms and tribes do not confuse diehard fans. But, one particular mystery that can’t easily be unraveled is the identity of The Stranger in Season 1 of the show. The mystery man who fell to middle earth comet style is one of the season’s most speculated characters.

Numerous guesses about his identity emerged at the conclusion of the 8 episode season. However, it seems like the Stranger’s true identity will only be discovered in subsequent seasons. For now, subtle clues and hints in the first season will serve as a guide for curious middle earth lovers. 

The Rings Of Power Stranger Explained

Who Is The Stranger In The Rings Of Power Season 1?

In the first episode of the show, the mystery man, played by Daniel Weyman, fell from the sky, landing in the wilds where the Harfoots live. A young harfoot girl named Nori Brandyfoot (Markella Kavanaugh) finds him lying in a ring of fire, clueless, confused, and unable to speak.  She decides to help the bearded stranger even though he has strange powers, like the ability to communicate with fireflies.

In their journey together, the harfoots discover that the firefly communication isn’t the only extraordinary thing this mystery man can do. Later on in the season, it is discovered that he is an Istari – meaning wise one or wizard. Legend has it that the Istari are actually angelic beings in human form. They’re sent down to middle earth by god-like beings known as the Valar. 

Every Red Herring For The Stranger, The Rings Of Power Included


For the most part, the show has succeeded in keeping the meteor man’s identity a secret. They are equally kind enough to leave us a few clues to speculate on. The scene where he finally meets the cult-like trio led by the Dweller (Bridie Sisson), who call him Sauron (the primary villain in the Lord Of The Rings), is the first red herring the show drops. However, in the last episode, it is discovered that he isn’t really Sauron. But rather, one of the five Istari sent to middle earth. 

Also, The Stranger’s grey clothes and grey features (his hair), suggest that he may be Gandalf. As described by Tolkien in the Lord Of The Rings trilogy, the ranks of the wizards in middle earth are indicated by their general color scheme. For example, Saruman wears white, Radagast prefers brown, and Gandalf is usually seen wearing grey. 

Lastly, in the last scene of the finale, The Stranger seems to have recollected bits of his memory. Before he and Nori leave for Rhûn, Nori mentions that she doesn’t have “… an inkling which way to go,” and The Stranger responds, “When in doubt, Elenor Brandyfoot, always follow your nose.” This statement has been used by Gandalf himself in the Fellowship Of The Rings movie. 

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