Is Sauron The Main Villain In The Rings of Power Series?

Is Sauron The Main Villain In The Rings of Power Series?

Is Sauron The Main Villain In The Rings of Power Series?

Who else is excited for the upcoming Lord of the Rings series on Amazon Prime? Better question, who thinks Sauron will be the main villain of the series? Oh, come on, I know you Lord of the Rings nuts out there are wondering the same thing. Okay, now yes, he was the main antagonist of the original film trilogy and technically the Hobbit trilogy. However, he was mainly the main villain in spirit. Like, very literally there in spirit. We saw the dark lord Sauron in his physical form in the opening minutes of the Fellowship of the Ring for about ten minutes or less. He was a towering figure with two very long weapons in his hands and he just plowed through men and elves like they were small toys. That was until Isildur cut the one ring from his hand and destroyed him. Of course, we all know what happened next. Isildur claimed the one ring for himself instead of destroying it, the spirit of Sauron survived through the ring, and the stage was set for the Hobbit trilogy. And after that, we would get the greatest trilogy ever. Just when you thought we would never see Middle-Earth again, Amazon decided they wanted to develop a series. Let’s not even talk about how freakishly expensive it is. I mean, this is pretty much a movie budget they got for this series.

In that case, this show better knock our blocks off. I’m serious. They just can’t commit to his series with a budget that big and have this show just be decent. My life really needs to change when I’m done watching each episode. That’s how astronomical my expectations are for the Rings of Power series. Unrealistic, you say? Well, with that kind of budget, I expect some mind-blowing episodes. I know other Lord of the Rings fans are skeptical and they have every right to be. But with everything Amazon put into this, they just can’t afford a misfire. I guess we’ll find out later this year. If there’s one thing to get excited about the series, it’s the setting. The Rings of Power will explore the Second Age of Middle-Earth. This is thousands of years before the events of the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings. Now I’ll be honest, I don’t know too much about the history of Middle-Earth before the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings. I do know the basics, and that alone makes me interested in this series. If the Rings of Power will cover the Second Age of Middle-Earth, we can expect to see the rise of Sauron, including his pursuit of forging the rings of power. Hence, the title. That makes sense, but I really wonder what other big events it will cover.

I have a feeling we’ll see the last alliance between elves and men, the beginning of Rohan, the island kingdom of Numenor before it drowned, and the coming of the wizards. Gandalf and Saruman cameos, anyone? Okay, maybe not, but I just can’t even fathom the amount of possibilities this show can explore. But above all else, I am very curious to find out who the main villain will be. My first guess is the dark lord himself, the one and only Sauron. I have to emphasize on this, because I think it’s crucial that the series shows us how he came to be the most feared villain in all of Middle-Earth. And according to the official synopsis of the series, it will explore an ensemble cast characters, both familiar and new, as they confront the long-feared re-emergence of evil to Middle-Earth. That could mean Sauron or it could be referring to someone else entirely. But we do know that Sauron will have a huge hand in being a villain in this series. It’s just a question of whether or not he’s the main villain.

If I had to put money on it, I would say that he probably is. However, the door is open for other potential villains, including his original master, the godlike monster, Morgoth. Okay, now if the Rings of Power is going to have a main antagonist who is totally unstoppable, then it has to be Morgoth. This villain goes way back, and I’m talking back to the days of the Silmarillion. He was originally an Ainur, one of the immortal spirits that existed before the creation of Middle-Earth itself. His original name was Melkor, but eventually turned to darkness and became the godlike villain known as Morgoth. If you thought Sauron was bad, then just wait until you see Morgoth. J.R.R. Tolkien intended for Morgoth to be the absolute embodiment of evil. In other words, Morgoth was created to be the Satan of Middle-Earth. All the evil in Middle-Earth stemmed from Morgoth’s presence and on top of that, he was basically a god. So where did Sauron fit into all of this? Well, before he became Sauron, he was one of the Maiar of Aule named Mairon. Mairon ultimately decided to betray his kind and would later become one of Morgoth’s chief lieutenants. This is when he took the name Sauron.

I think this is something we should see in the Rings of Power or at least get glimpses of it. If Sauron is going to be the main antagonist of this series, then we have to know where his evil beginnings originated from. It all began with Morgoth and from there, the evil of Sauron only grew. I would at least like to see some flashbacks of how Sauron’s loyalty to Morgoth led to him becoming the most feared villain in all of Middle-Earth. The dark lord’s presence was felt in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, but I’d like to see him at the peak of his power. And yes, that means seeing him in his physical form. We need to see that buildup of him becoming more powerful and manipulating the elves into forging the rings of power. And it shouldn’t stop there. We should see Sauron corrupt the nine kings before they become the Nazgul. We should see how he convinced the elves to forge the one ring. Celebrimbor, anyone? In order to cement his status as Middle-Earth’s greatest villain, we need to actually see him do some evil stuff. We already saw what his spirit could do through the one ring. Just imagine what he was able to do at the peak of his power. What are your thoughts, Lord of the Rings fans? Do you think Sauron is the main villain of the Rings of Power series? If you saw those character posters, then you know we’re in for something epic. Most of them were hard to make out who could be who, but we know who was above that dark hand with the ring. Boy, I just can’t hide my anticipation.

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