Revenge Season Finale Recap: Secrets, Lies and Truths

RevengeOne Hamptonite died in tonight’s season finale of Revenge and this death has turned another character on to a dark path that will continue next season.

Blackout. Revenge’s season finale began with the Carion program wiping out the power throughout a large part of New York. Emily, Nolan and Aiden realized that the Falcon had set them up and triggered Carion to begin when Nolan hacked the Amanda Clarke Foundation. Of course, all of this would lead to Aiden, so Emily ordered him to run. Meanwhile, Daniel was leading Charlotte through the chaotic city to their father’s campaign headquarters. In the Hamptons, Jack told Victoria that a laptop existed with proof against Conrad, but it might be in his office safe. Victoria opened the safe but didn’t find the laptop so Jack told her that he could broadcast the conversation where Conrad talks about getting rid of Amanda at his upcoming press conference. In the City, Regina and Declan were trapped inside of a bank and Declan realized that Regina was in love with Charlotte. As the power was restored, Regina set a trap for Declan.

A Secret Agenda. Emily decided to head to Takeda’s for help, but she and Nolan just discovered his dead body and his own box of revenge photos. One of them was the photo of a woman, while another had a mysterious man circled in red. Nolan put forward the theory that it was his killer, but Emily just wanted answers. Later, she found Aiden before he skipped town and realized that he had killed their mentor. When confronted, Aiden told her that Takeda had his own agenda for all of these years. Apparently his flight attendant girlfriend had died aboard Flight 197 and he had trained them to carry out his revenge against the Graysons and the Initiative.

Setting a Trap. When Conrad returned to the Hamptons the next morning to retrieve Victoria, she told him all about Jack’s plans and he decided to set a trap for him. He used Ashley’s connection to Jack to convince him that he had the laptop and would return it if they met at Grayson Global. At the company, Emily recognized the man in Takeda’s photos when she went to meet with Daniel and realized that he had disguised himself as an IT guy in order to gain access to Grayson Global’s computers (and lead Jack into a trap) and Victoria learned that the pregnancy test she had found in their garbage actually belonged to Charlotte, not Emily as she had suspected. At Conrad’s campaign HQ, Declan and Charlotte got into a fight when Regina set him up and he spent hours trying to gain access to her. After eventually getting through to Charlotte, he managed to convince her that Regina was lying to her and Charlotte ditched her friend.

Long Live David Clarke. In attendance at Conrad’s press conference was the IT guy/assassin, who had a mass text sent out to all attendees and everyone connected saying “long live David Clarke”. Moments later, Grayson Global exploded. Conrad, of course, took prompt advantage of the situation and tried to look like a hero in everyone’s eyes, including in the press. But Emily was terrified that Jack had been caught in the blast since he was on his way to meet with Conrad. She raced upstairs and spotted a man lying on the floor but was pulled out by the first responders. It turns out that the man they found was Declan and while he was injured, he was still alive. Charlotte and Victoria headed to the hospital with the injured boy while Nolan tried to track down Jack. Jack, it turns out, had not gone into Grayson Global as planned and showed up at NolCorp, demanding to know why Nolan had warned him to stay away from Conrad. Since no one knew he was alive at the time (except for Ashley, who he went to see), he decided to play “dead”. But when Ashley called to tell him that Declan was in the hospital, Emily went in to distract Victoria and Charlotte while Jack donned some scrubs and secretly visited his brother. Jack wanted them to split as soon as his brother got well but Declan dropped the bomb that Charlotte was pregnant.


Goodbye and a New Start. Emily returned to the Hamptons to find Aiden at her house. He tried to convince her to walk away, but she simply couldn’t do it. Before he left, he handed her a key to a villa in Capri that they had hoped to retire to. At the hospital, Charlotte finally got an opportunity to visit with Declan and he told her that he wanted to be a part of her life and the baby’s life. In the Hamptons, Emily brooded about Aiden’s departure, but when Nolan stopped by they both realized Jack was missing and they set off to find him. Back in the city, Daniel met his father in the damaged Grayson Global building and told him that they had lost their fortune. Conrad seemed strangely blasé about his development, confident they could rebuild. But Daniel wanted no part of it and Conrad confessed planning the bomb attack. Daniel was horrified, but Conrad demanded his son be by his side when he was elected Governor that night. At the hospital, Nolan was surprised to learn that Declan had to have secret heart surgery and wasn’t as well as he had told his brother and Charlotte.

Caught. Victoria threatened to keep an ever-growing eye on Emily, convinced that she could out-maneuver her in this game they’re engaged in, but both women were surprised when they saw a news report about Aiden having been apprehended while trying to leave the country. When Daniel returned to Grayson Manor later that afternoon, he told his mother that Conrad was responsible for the explosion and Victoria confronted her husband about it when he returned home. He told her “there’s no Initiative, my dear. There never was, not really. Simply a consortium of savvy businesspersons who perfected the art of profiting off other people’s fear.” In essence, this consortium creates disasters in order to profit off of them.  He flashed back to an earlier meeting with Helen Crowley, who brought him into the plan. Victoria was horrified that he allowed her to spend all summer worried about Daniel’s life. Later, when Jack turned up at the hospital, Nolan told him that Declan had died before getting into surgery. Nolan tearfully suggested that they grab Carl and leave town, but Jack angrily told his friend that he will stop at nothing to take Conrad down. When Nolan told Emily what had happened, she knew what Jack’s next move would be and went to find him.

A New Plan for Revenge. Jack went to Grayson Manor to confront Conrad, but all he found was Victoria. When he pulled a gun on her, she told him she deserved it, but he couldn’t do it. In the city, Nolan was arrested for terrorism by the authorities  Back at Emily’s house, Aiden confronted Daniel and told him that he wasn’t a member of the Initiative and that all responsibility came back to the Graysons. The two got into a fight and Aiden forcefully told Daniel to let Emily go. As Nolan was interrogated by the authorities (who had a video where Padma declared Nolan to be a terrorist trained by David Clarke), Emily made her way through Conrad’s victory party. As Conrad came out to give his acceptance speech, Emily spotted Jack in the wings and went to stop him from committing murder. She told him that all of his was because of the choices she had made and declared “I am Amanda Clarke”.  At Grayson Manor, Victoria was shocked to answer the door to….Patrick!

Revenge has been renewed for a third season so expect to see the show return in the fall of 2013.



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