Resurrection Season 2 Episode 6 Review: “Afflictions”

Resurrection 2.06

The plot thickened on Resurrection last night.  While we got some answers to burning questions, we also saw the beginning of the next big threat to the Returned.

For starters, it’s a relief that Bellamy’s government boss lady finally has a name.  Angela Forrester has an intriguing past of her own, as evidenced by the cold open. She was involved in a plane crash as a young girl and appeared to survive it unscathed.  It’s also quite possible that she died in the crash and maybe she’s also a Returned herself.  Either way, Bellamy gets as much information from her as he possibly can while he’s being treated in this secret location for the virus that only affects the Returned.  Turns out she’s only a statistician and studies the numbers and probabilities of more Returned people coming in the future.

Angela doesn’t even have the pull to give Bellamy more than 10 days’ worth of vaccines to treat the virus symptoms.  One nice thing she did for him was allow him to meet his sister, Jenny, after he learned he’s technically twice Returned.  His parents died of the virus while being held in this government facility so Jenny is the only family he has left.  He has every intention of coming back for Jenny, but Angela probably knows he’ll never find the place again.  That’s where Bellamy’s one step ahead of her as he left his cell phone in the hospital-like room he was kept in.  Now he’s able to track the location from his hotel room in Arcadia.

It’s understandable that Bellamy feels like he needs to protect his sister, but I wish he would finally tell Maggie the truth of his condition.  The fact that he handed Maggie 12 of the 20 vaccines given to him was surprising.  He left out the biggest part of his involvement with the government and only told her that he trusts her to decide how to dispense this very limited supply of the treatment.  If his symptoms come back after only 4 days, his cover will be blown.  Of course, by then, Maggie will be so relieved to be able to help him with whatever of the vaccines she has left and it’ll only make the tension between them even stronger.

For now, Maggie’s having a tough time dealing with the loss of her mother.  She was just a baby the first time around so she never had to experience this shock.  Fred takes the news of Barbara’s disappearance in stride.  He’s concerned for Maggie, who we saw turn to self-medicating to get through the work day.  Uh-oh!  Fred is rightfully even more suspicious of his mother’s intentions following Elaine’s claim that she saw Barbara with Margaret the minute before she disappeared.

Margaret might have saved Fred from his suicide attempt at the beginning of the season, but she’s still super shady. Lucille is starting to worry about the strange connection between Jacob and his grandmother.  It doesn’t help that Jacob is at an impressionable age, and he’ll believe whatever he’s told.  Margaret’s threatening demeanor isn’t lost on Jacob, but I do wish he would trust his parents rather than keep quiet about everything Margaret talks about with him.

Henry started renovating the abandoned family factory in hopes of opening it up again.  He’s certainly well past his working years, so he quickly jumps at a tempting offer to buy the company.  The reveal that the young businessman was reporting on behalf of his Returned grandfather is sure to shed more light on Margaret’s past.

Elaine’s brother Ray made his first appearance since last season.  As usual, he’s stirring up trouble by starting a group known as the True Living.  He tells Elaine that they’re “just a group of concerned citizens, people who don’t want to be victimized by the Returned.”   I guess we all had a feeling this sort of uprising would come about eventually.

By the looks of the preview for next week, the True Living quickly turn into a violent group as they mark their targets of the Returned homes, including Jacob Langston.

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