Resurrection 2.02 Review: “Echoes”


Fresh into its sophomore season, Resurrection already has a lot on its plate.  Much of the new mysteries presented last week lie in the intentions and true identities of a few new faces.

If you agreed with my suspicion that Margaret Langston was hiding something last week, it turns out she’s literally got some skeletons in her past.  Her rage at Henry for letting the family’s business go to ruin was harsh and uncalled for.  Over the course of a couple of years, Henry lost his mother and young son.  It’s certainly understandable and easy to sympathize with Henry here that his grief made everything else seem insignificant.

It wasn’t until after the unexplained disappearance of another briefly Returned man from 1935 that Margaret dug up a hidden passageway in the old factory to reveal a stash of human bones.  Earlier she told Maggie that she knew the man before he died in a fire when she was still a child.  It’s very strange then that the guy seemingly vanished out of thin air (like Caleb) after Margaret visited him.

Bellamy has since returned “home” to Arcadia following the orders of his creepy new boss.  He still has no idea what government agency she even works for, and the only answer he gets when he asks is that she’s “the person who was put in charge to deal with this.”

On top of adjusting to his reassignment, Bellamy is also trying to wrap his head around the fact that he’s one of the Returned himself.  Jacob once had a strong connection to Caleb, so Marty tries asking if he can sense any other newly Returned people.  Jacob’s possibly too preoccupied with the growing number of birds dropping dead near him to outright tell his friend that he knows he’s just like him.  The birds make Jacob even more curious about death, and of course his grandmother is the only one who understands him.

It’s pretty easy to forget that Tom is still married to Janine considering he’s been busy going to ultrasound appointments with his pregnant (ex) fiance Rachael.  This weird love triangle is the least interesting storyline going on right now.  Janine appears to have gotten over her worries about Rachael and spends the night with her husband in their home for the first time in a while.  Rachael has been staying in their guest bedroom but she’s obviously stuck in the past and still hung up on Tom.  If and when the time comes for her to give birth, that house will be super awkward!

Maggie’s latest observations about the Returned are inconclusive.  After meeting her grandmother for the first time and running tests on her, Maggie comes to see that Margaret’s cancer is gone.  Last season Caleb also returned completely healthy.  On the other hand, this new guy who died in 1935 and Bellamy (unbeknownst to Maggie) continue to suffer from the injuries that lead to their death.  If it’s possible for there to be two kinds of resurrections, I’d venture to guess that Margaret and Caleb came from the darker side of things whereas Bellamy is among the innocent.  That may be where the show is heading or I could be completely off track.

What did you think of the episode?  Do you have any theories about Margaret?

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