Resurrection 1.04 Review: “Us Against the World”

Resurrection 1.04 Review: “Us Against the World”


Even the most steadfast believers started to have their doubts about their returned loved ones on this week’s Resurrection.

Maggie and Agent Bellamy continue their investigation of Caleb in light of Dale Gethard’s brutal murder, connecting the dots between this and the bank robbery that occurred days before Caleb died 13 years ago.  No suspects were ever arrested back then because apparently Caleb was responsible.  As Fred is filling Bellamy in on the details of that last robbery, Caleb is out robbing the same bank again.  It was interesting how they paralleled both robberies with the one from 13 years ago in black and white versus color, but we’re also aware that the same thing is happening in the current day because Elaine is among the bank employees.  This leads to Elaine feeling unsure about her dad’s return for the first time since she initially embraced him without batting an eye.

Lucille is also starting to get worried about Jacob after she finds a stash of candy wrappers and other snacks hidden under his bed that have only accumulated in one day.  His excessive eating and lack of sleep are troubling her, but she hides these concerns from Henry and only opens up to Maggie.  Maggie agrees to bring Jacob in for another exam but like I’ve said before, how much do they really expect science to help them in this situation?

To make things even more interesting, these Returned people might share some sort of mental connection as evidenced by when Jacob can “feel” when he and Maggie are driving by Caleb where he’s hiding out after the robbery.  I wonder how Rachael (and others to come) will play into this.

Rachael, by the way, is the woman who broke into the church last week and surprised Tom (and his current wife) with the shock of his life.  We learned more about their relationship before she died 12 years ago.  They were engaged at the time when she drove her car off a bridge, and since then Tom has married someone without telling her about Rachael.  It’s clear that Rachael’s return will cause problems in their marriage now that Tom still can’t let her go.

Last week Maggie threw out a crazy idea that maybe the river has healing powers of sorts.  Jacob drowned in it but only some of Caleb’s ashes were spread into it.  Now we see that another person has come back to life, and her death involved water.  It’s definitely too early on in the series to have any truly complex theories but the writers may be on to something here.  Is the water in Arcadia really as mystical as it may seem?  In the preview for next week, Caleb warns that “more are coming.”  How many other deceased people are waking up all over the world and making their way back home to Arcadia?  And really, what’s so special about Arcadia?

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