Resurrection Season 2 Episode 7 Review: “Miracles”

Resurrection 2.07

We’ve been asked to believe a lot over the course of Resurrection‘s run so far.  Most of that is based on faith.  Faith that these dead people returning to their families are who they say they are, without any ill intentions.  Science is starting to play a bigger role in this second season but it’s still a mystery as to how any of this is possible.  This episode title of “Miracles” implies that there was more divine intervention involved yet it’s hard to pinpoint more than one significant event as miraculous.

A virus has been spreading among the Returned lately, even striking Rachael.  Last week we saw Bellamy receive a very limited amount of medicine meant for him only.  Of course he’s being selfless and turned over most of it to Maggie to treat others.  Rachael refuses the treatment for fear of possibly hurting the baby.  I’d venture to guess that since she was pregnant the first time she died all those years ago and still returned pregnant, the baby shouldn’t be adversely affected by medicines meant to treat only the Returned.

Anyway, Rachael refuses and Tom makes a fuss that it’s his baby too.  He almost goes so far as to inject her with the shot while she’s asleep, thanks to Bellamy’s private stash.  These are strange circumstances for sure, but it’s one way to address the issue of women’s rights.  Luckily Maggie stops them just in time.  Hope for Rachael’s survival dwindles but one miracle suggested by the episode title might just be that she pulls through without any of the trial medicine.  Tom’s wife Janine was seen praying by her bedside, mostly praying for the baby.  Now this could mean the baby is a miracle in his own right but we’ll have to wait and see how that plays out.

Bellamy finally came clean to Maggie that he’s twice Returned.  At first she’s upset that he didn’t trust her enough to tell her right away but it’s pretty obvious that he cares too much.  Now she’ll at least be able to make sure he keeps taking the injections until he’s either miraculously healed like Rachael or until the government can give him more.  I’m not sure how many days have gone by in the show’s time but on my last count he only had 10 days worth of shots.

Ray, Elaine’s rabble-rouser brother who has been M.I.A. for the first half of this season, started showing similar symptoms of the virus that has been affecting only Returned people so far.  Obviously no one has any explanation as to how this is possible.  Considering he’s the son of Caleb, who returned and consequently disappeared, it makes me wonder if there’s some biological explanation for his illness.  If it’s at all possible for children of the Returned to get this mysterious virus, then everyone is screwed basically.

It’s also important to mention the newly forged connection between Margaret and Rachael.  The episode opened with what appeared to be Rachael’s dream in the Langston factory when it was burning with the men trapped inside.  She saw a little girl witnessing the same thing, which was actually Margaret.  For whatever reason, it seems at least these two Returned people can appear in each other’s dreams.  Out of all the mysteries presented on the show, this is the least shocking one yet.  We already knew Margaret was involved in the factory fire as a child.

We really need to learn more about the Addison family’s true intentions for the Langstons.  So far they don’t seem like a huge threat considering the fact that the Addison grandfather is probably looking for revenge on Margaret.  Good luck with that, buddy.  She’s a force to be reckoned with.  If anything, the True Living group of humans targeting the homes of Returned people pose more of a threat.

What did you think of the episode?

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