Resurrection 1.06 Review: “Home”

This week’s Resurrection was very interesting as we saw the characters possibly get one step closer to understanding this phenomenon.
We were introduced to Dr. Eric Ward, played by James Tupper, who comes to Arcadia after Maggie consulted with him for some guidance.  Although he works for the National Institute of Health, he swears he’s only there as a personal favor to Maggie and he’s not representing the government program.  Bellamy is reluctant to trust him because of his employers, and he might be right that eventually Eric could turn on them.  For now, it was refreshing to see an outsider’s take on what could be behind these returned people.  Eric may even be onto a theory that could predict the locations of any other deceased people who may be coming back to life in the future.  He came up with an equation involving the latitudes of where the people have turned up and the number of years they’ve been considered dead, and strangely enough all 3 known cases of returned people work out to equal .38.  I don’t know about you, but I had some serious flashbacks to Lost.  Maybe these numbers (12, 32, 38) will end up being important to making any sort of sense to this.
Considering that Caleb hasn’t popped back up anywhere in town, he might really be gone for good.  That mystery of how/why Caleb could just disappear out of thin air is troubling to everyone who cares for Jacob.  Henry and Lucille strongly consider taking Dr. Ward up on an offer to bring Jacob to his lab in Maryland to conduct further studies so that they could keep him from vanishing as well.  At one point they agreed they’d all go with him because they obviously aren’t getting any further answers by just doing nothing at home, but they have a change of heart after being caught in the middle of an argument among the churchgoers.  Henry has truly surprised me the most with his initial reluctance to accept Jacob back in his life to his now unwavering belief.  As Henry said, “when do we ever have a guarantee in this life? If I lose him tomorrow, at least I’ll have had these days with him.”  Aw!
The church scene was where the episode got really good.  I wouldn’t be surprised if this Helen lady is the actual devil in disguise.  She’s a wicked thing, sticking her nose into Pastor Tom’s private life by prying his wife to confide in her.  Rachael had just told Tom about her pregnancy, so naturally he was a good husband and told his wife Janine the truth.  This should never have become church gossip but Helen made it public knowledge in front of everyone gathered for their Sunday services.  The congregation was already upset enough that Tom continued to allow Jacob in the church, so when Helen brazenly stood up and told everyone that Rachael is pregnant with Tom’s baby, more than half of the people walked out as an act of denouncing him as their rightful pastor.
One of the angry churchgoers happens to be the cousin of Dale Gethard, the man that Caleb murdered.  He’d been around for most of the episode, mostly getting on Fred’s nerves because he wants revenge on Caleb for what he did to his cousin.  After that blowout in the church, he sees this as the perfect opportunity to get his revenge.  He uses an actual police man to lure Rachael into a cop car under the pretense that the Sheriff wants to meet her, but instead they bring her to a secluded cabin in the woods.  Tom’s already been calling her hotel room nonstop to check on her, so they should all be aware that she’s missing sooner rather than later.
Resurrection returns April 27th after a week off for Easter, and then we only have 2 episodes left in the season!  Hopefully it gets renewed because there’s still way too many questions and we’re not even close to any solid answers.
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