The Resulting Meth Drug Use Rise from Breaking Bad Was Significant

It’s very interesting how when things go wrong in the world some people will tend to turn towards sources that do little to nothing really to promote the problem but instead create a show detailing just what can go horribly wrong with the practice at hand. For instance, blaming the current and rising problem with meth in the world couldn’t possibly be caused by the fact that it’s so easy to make, could it? The fact that meth is perhaps one of the easiest drugs to create in one’s homemade lab couldn’t have contributed to its worldwide distribution, could it? No, we need to blame the hit TV show that somehow glamorizes the drug and its use by showing just how destructive it can be to the lives of others, because obviously that appeals to a great number of people.

If you’re reading my sarcasm and cynicism for this idea then kudos. There are a great many things that people see on TV and never try in their lives. And of course there are a good number of things that they will since the promise of feeling good and looking good gives people the idea that these things ARE good. But the representation of crystal meth has always come with very negative connotations. If people want to cite that Breaking Bad is the cause of all meth problems or even the sudden rise in the use of methamphetamine then one would think that the show would be criminally liable for the current uptake in distribution and usage by people all around the world. And by extension if that were true then you would think that the show would have been pulled long before it’s final episode.

Obviously that didn’t happen. Do you want to know why?

There are those that might watched the show and concluded that meth was and is a very lucrative business. It pulls in money left and right without much effort and can be made using products that when bought on their own are not that suspicious. But the penalties and the consequences for using and distributing meth are so dire that many people are no doubt turned off when they realize the measures they have to go through in order to indulge in such a business venture. The careful planning, the attempts to evade law enforcement, and the constant need to remain on edge at all times is something that few people could possibly manage and even fewer could successfully pull off.

If the meth business took a serious climb after the show it would mean that it was already on the rise to begin with. The ease with which the product is made and the fact that ingredients can be obtained with moderate ease make this drug a substance that is inherently more dangerous than any other substance since it can be kept under the radar with much more ease than cocaine, heroine, or any other drug. Claiming that it’s continued rise is to blame on a TV show however is rather ridiculous since authorities seem to have been looking for a scapegoat to cover their own inadequacies.

Yes the show depicted crystal meth, but it also showed just what could happen if one went down that crystalline path.

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