Remembering The Brilliance of J.T. Walsh: Top Five Movie Roles

J.T. Walsh was one of the greatest supporting actors there ever was and the best thing about him is that he could be in the movie for a matter of minutes and you’d still remember him. Walsh had this knack for playing the most scummy guys you could imagine and making them come to life in a way that made audience members want to smash his teeth down his throat they were so realistic. That’s the kind of actor that can gain support from fans since it’s their charisma and nerve that people fall in love with. Before his passing in the late 90’s he’d been in numerous films and had managed to become a very well known actor, but some of his most famous roles are undoubtedly when he’s at his worst. It’s when the real quality of his acting tends to come out and he becomes the guy you believe is just the worst sort of person you’d ever want to meet.

That was the magic of his acting, a viewer could truly hate him onscreen and admire him at other times.

5. Sling Blade-Charles Bushman

He has a relatively small part in this film but it comes when Carl is sitting near the window just staring off into space trying to just pass the time. Charles comes over and starts detailing his crimes and why he’s in prison much to Carl’s consternation. The second time you see him in any length is when Carl is back in prison for killing another person, and quickly tells Charles that he wants nothing to do with him any longer.

4. Blue Chips-Happy

Happy is the guy that’s satisfied when things are going well, even if they have to be going crooked in order to be considered going good. He’ll gladly facilitate a payday for college athletes despite the fact that it’s highly illegal and can get college programs shut down without fail. The idea of paying a college athlete to play is something that a lot of schools have had to struggle with.

3. Backdraft-Marty Swayzak

For a long time there’s been a certain rift between politicians and the people that have to bust their butts to adhere to the regulations and rules that are enforced upon them by pencil pushers that have never had to sacrifice anything in their lives. It’s the classic case of the working class versus the upscale white collar suits that have no idea what people go through to make an honest buck.

2. Hoffa-Frank Fitzsimmons

He’s all for Hoffa until Hoffa gets sent to prison, then it becomes all about what Frank wants. When Hoffa gets out and wants to get back into the union affairs Frank almost acts like he’s doing Hoffa a favor by stalling him and deciding to stonewall him. Politics in the union must have been rougher than a lot of people thought back in the day.

1. Breakdown-Warren “Red” Barr

It must take a lot of nerve to be able to lie to people that you’re a good, honest family man when in truth you’re nothing more than a truck-driving extortionist that preys on those coming through town that don’t know any better when it comes to whom they can trust. Red was a piece of work, but then again he had no idea who he was messing with this time around.

J.T. Walsh was a well-respected actor.

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