The Real Housewives of D.C. “Party Politics” Review

Guilty? Or Not Guilty? That was the question that was woefully avoided during last night’s Real Housewives of D.C. finale AND the Watch What Happens Live! After Show.

The Salahis said that the truth would come out when the episode aired, and it did. They weren’t invited to the White House, they didn’t have an invite proving otherwise, and they are bona fide certifiable to the nearest institution that will commit them. After pouring over the emails that would allegedly clear them of any wrong doing, my unborn niece could see that they were never promised tickets to the State Dinner, but were offered to partake in the Arrival Ceremony IF even those tickets were available. The Salahis’ argument was that they were invited to the State Dinner, which one email from Michelle Jones, who lost her job due to the mess, was closed for a long time. Or in Cat Ommanney’s accurate phrase that will be shouted in next week’s reunion show, “NFI – Not ‘Effing Invited!”

So now the real question that dominated the hour, and the minds of millions of Americans, was why weren’t the Salahis charged for their crime? If anyone else had of done it, they would be six feet under right now without a media circus lasting over a year. The Gate Crashing event was a slap to the face of everyone and impacted the lives of several people, including Cat, who I am sure now is more pissed off at the Salahis for the end of her marriage now than being uninvited to the annual White House Christmas Dinner because of her association with the Salahis. The look on Charles Ommanney’s face last night screamed volumes, because he knew his reputation was on the line due to a ‘stupid reality show.’ I bet he was plotting to leave then.

As for the rest of the night, it was mostly news clips from the whirlpool of media the Salahis caused following the event. Plus, Bravo thought it was smart (or cute) to add date stamps to each scene ala Law & Order‘s staple location changing tool. It became forgettable after awhile.

The Turners had fans on fences due to their “two-faced” nature last night to get scoop. I don’t think it was two-faced of them for wanting to know what went down, because let’s face it: the Salahis were (are) only digging themselves into a hole by acting as if they didn’t do any wrong, or made a mistake, or something. Their lack of remorse carried over into WWHL and seemed to have drained the life out of the show’s host Andy Cohen, who looked like he was bored out his mind and frustratedly pissed all at once. I think he would’ve strangled Michaele and shot Tareq if he got a chance, but that’s just me.

In terms of updates, Mary and Rich moved out of their home and closer to D.C. Lolly finally got her own place (Woo Hoo!). Stacie finally got in contact with her father, but they have yet to meet. Lynda has successfully moved into her house, and Ebong has a set of keys (as if he wouldn’t). Cat plans on releasing her book soon and just finalized her divorce from Charles, she plans to stay in D.C., though. And the Michaele? If you don’t know then follow the news trails she has left behind since the show premiered, including her MS reveal and the fact that the “gate crashing” case has yet to be closed.

Well, this has been an interesting year in D.C., but most Real Housewives fans beg to differ. Do you want to see the show back next year with new women? Or would you rather the D.C. local be dropped all together? Check in with our Real Housewives forums and speak your mind!

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