Are Aliens in Movies Really Hungry for Human Flesh?

Are Aliens in Movies Really Hungry for Human Flesh?

Is it true that all aliens in movies want to devour humans? Not exactly, but it’s an amusing thought. When watching films like E.T., Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and Batteries Not Included, it’s not common to feel like the extraterrestrials see us as their next meal. However, the video below does spark a conversation that eventually spirals into a nonsensical debate that leaves most people scratching their heads.

Aliens’ Perception of Humans in Movies

In many alien movies, it seems that humans are not held in high regard. To some extraterrestrials, we appear as mud-dwellers, rooting around like pigs and neglecting the intellect that could potentially lead us to the stars and beyond. After all, most aliens in movies possess technology so advanced that it makes our most cutting-edge gadgets look like mere toys.

There are certainly aliens that appear as though they’d enjoy taking a bite out of us, but there are also those that would harm humans without necessarily using us as a food source. For example, the xenomorphs in the Aliens franchise don’t seem too keen on eating humans, but rather use them as incubators for their offspring. Predators, on the other hand, hunt humans for sport, but it’s unclear if they’ve ever decided to slice off a piece of their prey for a post-hunt barbecue.

Films like Invasion of the Body Snatchers and Puppet Masters give the impression that humans are dull-witted creatures that are easy to control and replace. However, there are two movies that truly showcase alien beings with a voracious appetite for human flesh.

Critters: The Spiny Fluff Balls with a Taste for Humans

The first film that comes to mind is the bizarre and unsettling movie, Critters. These spiny fluff balls are a ravenous species that are surprisingly intelligent and perpetually hungry. In one scene, they are shown rolling around in a massive ball consisting of hundreds of the creatures. This ball rolls over an unfortunate individual who happens to be in its path, and by the time they’re done, all that’s left is a bloody skeleton. This definitely counts as a desire to eat humans.

The Blob: A Disgusting and Devastating Alien

The next movie that most people should recognize is The Blob, which has been a horror classic for decades. The Blob is one of the most repulsive and destructive aliens ever conceived, primarily because it’s an amorphous mass with no real motivation other than to consume everything in its path. It possesses some cunning but has very few weaknesses. It’s quite surprising that this monster hasn’t been revived in a modern film yet.

Not All Aliens Want to Eat Us

So, let’s set the record straight: E.T. and other benevolent aliens are not trying to eat us. Sure, their morals may be questionable at times, and they don’t always seem to have our best interests at heart, but for the most part, they’re as benevolent as they can be.


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