Airplane Vampire Movie “Blood Red Sky” Gets a Trailer

So there are a couple of scenarios here that one wouldn’t want to find themselves in. Namely, one wouldn’t want to be part of a hijacking in midair, which is bad enough since it’s been a constant fear held by many since 9/11. The next is being stuck on a plane in midair with a monster, which is reminiscent of World War Z, in which there’s no place to go, nowhere to hide quickly enough, and imminent danger that one can’t run from. Now combine those two and it’s fair to say that it would be a seriously messed-up nightmare that anyone would seek to avoid and yet, would make a great idea for a movie since it has the advantage of not being done to death just yet. One might think that Snakes on a Plane or Train to Busan might top it, but while those movies have their own scare factor, a vampire on a plane is definitely something that people might not see coming. The idea of it sounds a bit nutty since one might think that a vampire would be limited to taking evening and red-eye flights thanks to their normal aversion to daylight, but the creators of this story have obviously thought their way around that.

Whether the woman that is seeking to protect her son is a traditional vampire or not, the point is that she’s out to keep her boy safe and will embrace something that she’s been seeking to fight against for a long time apparently. Vampires fighting against their nature isn’t exactly new, but it’s not something that has gained such prominence that one could say that it’s old news. There have been so many vampire movies in the past and in recent years that some folks might be experiencing a bit of burnout after so long. But this idea does appear to have some interest and it does sound like something that could be a mild deviation from the norm. Plus, just the thought of it is bound to be creepy enough to get horror buffs on board with the idea.

What’s interesting to think about though is the structure of the story and the full capabilities of the woman that will be taking on the terrorists since from one movie to another, vampires are often given very different abilities with only a set number of similarities that tie them together. One only has to compare the classic Dracula with the vampires from 30 Days of Night to understand that, since the legends and myths that have given birth to so many vampire movies agree on some of the details and not on others. Daylight has been, for a long time, one of the things that have been agreed is deadly to any vampire. But the woman in this movie is already sounding as though she’s going to have a different type of condition that’s set apart from other vampires, or at least it appears to be that way at the moment. Until one watches the movie it would appear that anything is possible, but the fact of having a vampire on the plane doesn’t bode well for the terrorists, or for anyone else that might catch her attention at the wrong moment.

The idea of how vampires react in the movies is something that has changed from one project to another since some are seen as able to control their urges, while others are wild, feral animals that go nuts at the sight of blood and can’t stop until the last bit of crimson hits their tongue. But this isn’t bound to be the same as many movies since it would appear that this vampire has someone to care for and keep safe, which begs the question as to whether the kid has the same condition and will join his mother in the killing spree, or if he’ll simply be a kid that needs protecting. It’s hard to say really since the trailer only gives so much, which makes it enticing to at least think about watching the movie since it could be something provocative and worth the effort. With so many different vampire movies out there to pick from it’s easy to think that sticking to what one knows might be easiest. But trying something new could bring a nice surprise.

The mere thought of being stuck on a plane in midair with a bloodsucker is enough to create a great deal of inspiration and to wonder just what the creators were thinking about when the idea came up. For those of us that enjoy seeing a new story emerge every now and then this is something that brings a bit of hope that true creativity isn’t dead just yet. There are plenty of stories out there that would prove that this is true, but this is one of them that is definitely bound to get the heart pumping.

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