An Old Republic Trilogy Would be Excellent

An Old Republic Trilogy Would be Excellent

An Old Republic Trilogy Would be Excellent

There are plenty of talks already occurring when it comes to the Old Republic, the High Republic, and the past that Star Wars has not yet delved into fully. One thing that feels kind of obvious at this point is that even if we do see a trilogy of the Old Republic there’s a good chance that it won’t be what a lot of the fans expect. The moment that Lucasfilm was taken over by Disney it was celebrated by a lot of fans that thought the Mouse House would do something extraordinary with the next round of movies and shows to come. Admittedly, the shows were great, and even the movies had several moments of greatness that kept them from being utterly horrible. But what’s really disappointing is that the Star Wars universe, the Expanded Universe, had so many great stories that could have been pulled from, and could have led the way, that it’s frustrating to think of what happened. In terms of diversity, the EU could have also brought Star Wars to the next level had anyone bothered to take a serious look at it. 

But despite belonging to the same franchise, the Old Republic should be easy enough to create as part of the current canon, and it could easily bring in characters and situations that people are wanting to see. Whether that’s going to happen though is anyone’s guess since the Mouse House is more into picking out select bits of the EU cannon to propel the franchise forward. Seriously, there’s nothing wrong with moving forward, but considering that the prequels are as far back as the franchise has gone in terms of movies thus far, it’s easy to think that the Old Republic stories should be able to shine a new light on the franchise as it fleshes out the millennia that came before. 

A big desire is to see characters such as Darth Revan, Malak, and several others make their way to the big screen in an attempt to take the franchise even further and round out the past with a trilogy that could no doubt enlarge the fanbase even further. Tales that have appeared in the books, the comics, and the games would be highly preferred by a lot of fans, but it’s easy to bet that a lot of people would be willing to see just about anything appear so long as it’s Star Wars. As one of the many fans, this is fairly agreeable, since furthering the story is one of the main points and one of the main reasons why people have stuck around so long. At this time it feels as though Star Wars has gone as far as it can when moving forward, at least until someone comes up with another great idea. It’s time to start looking at the origins of the franchise and dig into the overall story so that people can better understand how the Jedi and the Sith came to be such a dominant part of the galaxy. There are also plenty of non-Force-using characters that can be highlighted to grant the stories a greater depth that can make another trilogy even better. 

The Old Republic was a different time in the Star Wars timeline, and yet if one has played the gams then they know that there’s still plenty that’s fairly similar to what folks have already seen in the movies and shows. The various races and technology are pretty much the same, and the story was just as convincing in the way it was told, but picking from one of the many would be kind of difficult. It’s too easy to think that what fans might expect would be the last thing that Lucasfilm would end up doing, even if they decided to use various pieces of the expected material. The Old Republic is rife with stories to pull from, and it’s a big hope that the audience would get to see some of the most popular characters from the Old Republic brought to life in a manner that would create a huge amount of interest for the trilogy, and possibly even inspire other movies and shows to emerge from the initial trilogy. 

Whether all or any of this is going to happen remains a big question that has yet to be fully answered, but Star Wars is too big of a franchise to not see it move forward in a way that will continue to broaden the main idea. Bringing the Old Republic to life on the big screen would be a huge way to keep and even inspire new fans when it comes to Star Wars, as the stories that are waiting to be told are the type that Star Wars fans are waiting for, and the types that people will be talking about for years to come if they’re depicted in a way that fans want to see. 

Darth Revan

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