The Best Use of Blondie Songs in Movies

The Best Use of Blondie Songs in Movies

The Best Use of Blondie Songs in Movies

Some bands come and go, others tend to stick around for a while. Then there are those that are never really gone no matter if they retire or just out of fashion for a little while. It’s very accurate to say that Blondie has never been entirely unpopular, as their music has been heard in various films and TV shows. Why is this? Their tracks are catchy, they remain on the same level as the films and TV spots they’re chosen for, and they are very adaptable.

So here are just a few ideas of why Blondie has stayed so popular throughout the years.

5. One Way Or Another – Coyote Ugly

Imagine working at a bar like Coyote Ugly. It’d be like walking a tightrope each and every night, with only a single bouncer and a bunch of rough and tough ladies behind the bar to bring order when it’s needed. Of course if you have Violet Sanderson and her amazing voice to fall back on you might have to worry about it so much. When she starts belting out this classic song the chaos almost seems to screech to a halt as the wild and unruly patrons decide that it might be better to just calm down and go back to their drinks. Maybe there’s something to that old adage that music soothes the savage beast.

4. Heart of Glass – We Own The Night

Blondie has been a popular club choice for quite a while, and even in today’s club scene it’s often heard to come across the speakers more than once. If you wonder why this is then go back to the top of the article and read again. Their songs are adaptable and they can fit in almost anywhere. In the carefree life of a club manager this song seems to fit just fine, highlighting the good life that he seems to have.

3. Rip Her To Shreds – Bridesmaids

When a song fits there’s little else to do but just roll it and let the magic happen. This track seems to embody the very essence of the film and is a perfect match. If you’ve ever seen the film then you’ll understand the chaos and madness that goes into and why no other selection would have been right.

2. War Child – Black Mass

This seems almost a bit heavy for Blondie, but when paired with such a disturbing film it seems appropriate. Let’s face facts, the realization that Black Mass is based upon the real life of Whitey Bulger is more than enough for the film to be a bit out there and hard to watch. But creating a soundtrack for this movie had to be at least a little challenging, and somehow Blondie fit the bill.

1. Call Me – American Gigolo.

Call Me sets the tone for this film without a doubt. As male escort, Julian is one of the best in the business. However when he gets sent to a rather kinky and unwanted sexual experience he soon finds out it was all a setup to put him in prison. As dark as this movie gets it’s still paired up extremely well with this song, as both seem to compliment each other quite well.

Blondie will likely be a popular band moving on into the next few generations. Any music that can be used in such an easy and adaptable way is bound to stick around for a while.


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