Why Bringing a Legends Idea to Star Wars Would Work

There doesn’t appear to be a lot of love for the Expanded Universe when it comes to Star Wars as a lot of people are under the impression that retcons and a lack of continuity have plagued the Legends canon, as it’s known, rendering nearly useless to Star Wars. Sadly, these are often the same people who will vilify the sequel trilogy and offer little to no solution that might work for them. But while the Yuuzhan Vong, a race of aliens that exist beyond the known reaches of the Star Wars galaxy, might not be thought of as anything other than religious extremists that were created and pushed at a time shortly before and during 9/11, the ruth is that a lot of people have, for one reason or another, abandoned this idea as silly and even deemed it as a less than useful way to justify Palpatine’s Empire and a few other story elements that they figured weren’t needed. These same individuals have somehow dismissed any idea that the Vong might work in a new trilogy, which is a little absurd, even if the majority of individuals think it would fail.  Here are five reasons why this Legends idea would work. 

5. Despite the length of the series, the Vong War did work. 

The series did run for around 18 books, several comics, and it did become a bit daunting for some that believed the story was dragging out a bit much. One thing to remember about the Vong War however is that it was felt on multiple fronts and by just about everyone in the galaxy. The Vong weren’t shy about taking over one world after another, or destroying what they needed to so that they could start terraforming the galaxy to their needs and liking. Despite their religious angle, they were also dedicated to understanding the new galaxy they were in so that they might better acclimate it to their needs. 

4. Eventually the Vong would integrate into the Star Wars universe.

This was seen to happen in the books as well as in the comics as the Vong were on the verge of victory and eventually the tide was turned. While they weren’t defeated entirely, they did suffer a few heavy losses that were key to allowing the people of the galaxy to surge back and remind the Vong whose homes they’d found themselves in. As time went on the Vong became another species within the galaxy without the continued threat of another invasion, and their biotech became a part of everyday life just like everything else. People are clamoring about inclusion so much that maybe this would make sense. 

3. This allows the universe to expand and diversify in yet another way. 

All this talk about diversity and inclusivity kind of dies out the moment that an idea about expanding in a way that some folks don’t like comes up, or at least that’s how it feels. In the Star Wars galaxy, there have been plenty of people wondering about continuity problems and various other issues that might come along. Bringing in the Vong would be a shock to the system for the Star Wars universe, but it would also present a way for the universe to expand and perhaps even include more stories and more species that would continue to bring a different look to the franchise so that it might continue. 

2. Beings that can stand up to Jedi and Sith pose a serious threat and challenge. 

There are already ways that the Sith and the Jedi have been neutralized over the years, but the Vong have been able to do so without the use of technology since they appear to be removed from the Force. It’s even been described in the books in this manner that they’re kind of a gray spot in the Force, a void of some kind. There was even mention that maybe Palpatine had encountered these beings before and taught them of the Force, but only from a dark side perspective. That likely wouldn’t pan out since the Vong do have their own codes of honor among the warrior caste, but there’s no doubt that they’re convinced that their way is the only way and that their biotech has given the Jedi a lot of problems. 

1. Star Wars needs a boost, and this could provide that without going too far.

The initial idea that the Vong War wouldn’t work kind of indicates that as much as people are pushing for diversity and innovation, a lot of folks happen to think that they have a good handle on what works in this universe and what doesn’t. Would it be perfect? No, it would likely need a lot of work to make this happen and to make it feasible as a story for Star Wars. But kicking around in the same galaxy and expecting not to have continuity errors after a while is a bit insane to be honest, especially when introducing something from outside the galaxy that could change things up in a big way would be a great idea.  It probably won’t ever happen, but the Vong War could easily elevate Star Wars to a different level. 

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