Private Practice 4.15 “Two Steps Back” Review

Maybe this just isn’t my season for Private Practice, but it was another episode I didn’t like.

I really felt for the mother of pregnant Down’s daughter. She knew in practicality that any child born to her daughter would be hers by proxy. Whether healthy (normal) or another Down’s child, it would be her responsibility. She knew she didn’t have it in her to raise another child when she was already raising one into adulthood. I liked that she treated her daughter with respect, and let her know she was pregnancy. She could have kept it from her, but she didn’t. The reality of the situation is that no matter what she did, someone was going to think she was wrong, so she did what was in her own best interests. After a lifetime of looking out for her daughter, I can’t say I would condemn her choice to terminate the pregnancy. In the end, the entire storyline had something to do with Sam and Naomi and their granddaughter. Because they kissed. And, well, based upon that kiss, probably more. Right after Addison’s mother died. I never bought Sam and Addison as a couple, so I hope this separates them for good.

Violet, meanwhile, has given out the manuscript for her book to all of her friends. She was obviously hoping for a better reception, and the one she received initially was a bitter pill to swallow. Most of them hated her portrayal of them, as would any of us who are not perfect. My friend actually wrote a fiction book with a character based loosely on me, and it’s not a read I recommend to many friends. Violet’s friends didn’t have benefit of knowing she took artistic liberty, because her’s is a memoir. It would be difficult to let your ugly bits be published for the world to read. She did, however, let them have the final vote on whether to publish as it was just as much their story as it was hers. Given time to adjust, they all gave her their blessing.

Finally, we have Charlotte and Cooper, still trying to get things back in line. Just as she wears the ring again, Cooper tells her he kissed Amelia. After she was raped. Charlotte and Cooper weathered the storm as they always do. The sad part of this is that Charlotte and Amelia have become close because of their past addictions and attending meetings together; they’ve become friends. You find out just how much of a friend Amelia is when Charlotte confronted her about it, and instead of telling Charlotte how she pushed back and, in doing so, would have laid just a bit of the blame onto Cooper, Charlotte said none of it mattered. She protected the feelings of Charlotte instead of herself. I thought that was Amelia’s best moment to date.

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