Is It Possible The Entire “Flip or Flop” Split Up was Staged?

Is It Possible The Entire “Flip or Flop” Split Up was Staged?

There is no show getting more press for HGTV right now than Flip or Flop and it’s not even close.  Ever since word spread that the show’s stars and former couple Tarik and Christina El Moussa were splitting up, it seems the two real estate flippers have been in the news each and every single day.   And here’s the thing.  It only took a few weeks for these two to “move past” their issues and continue successfully working on the show.   In fact they’ve even said their relationship is “better than ever” in a recent interview.

And what’s happened in the 2 months or so since the “split” was announced?  HGTV announced five spin-off “Flip or Flop” themed shows that each will take place in a different city.  Fast forward to today and Tarek and Christina posted a picture on social media with a life coach that has prompted people to speculate that the two are going to get back together.  So this got me thinking.  Two months is a pretty quick time for all of this to go down.  You’d think a couple splitting up wouldn’t be quite as amicable as this.

Either this is the smoothest break up in history or this whole thing reeks of conspiracy.  Do I think Tarek made up having cancer?  Absolutely not.  Do I think Christina hasn’t had her own share of personal problems?  Of course not.   But if we know one thing about many of HGTV shows it’s that they are staged.   House Hunters was never what we thought it was.  Flip or Flop has proven to be somewhat misleading in many episodes.

Would I put it past the network to stage a break up to drum up some publicity for the show to make a little more money down the road?  Nope.  I’ll be the first to tell you that I have zero proof of all of this nor would I care about putting the time into an investigation.  I will say this though. It all seems just a little too convenient for me.

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