Flip or Flop has Reportedly Been Canceled

I gotta say I didn’t really see this one coming.  And I’m not saying that in a matter of fact or sarcastic way.  There was a real part of me that believed HGTV would keep the Flip or Flop show alive despite all of the Tarek and Christina El Moussa drama of breaking up and divorcing.   It’s no surprise that the network is launching another 5 spinoff shows but I really thought the original would see it through since Tarek and Christina seem to get along these days.

HGTV will not move forward with filming an eighth season of the house flipping series, In Touch reports. The production company would typically be filming Season 8 right now, but Flip or Flop allegedly hasn’t shot anything since wrapping on Season 7 earlier this year. Flip or Flop’s sixth season finale airs on Thursday and the show will return later this year for a seventh season, which was filmed at least in part after the couple split.

I can’t exactly say I’m going to miss the show.  It was cool for a few episodes but eventually the couple kind of wore on me and I just wasn’t interested anymore.  Plus watching a show that highlights how two people are making money kind of bothers me.  At the least they could have explained to the viewers how they do what they do.  Instead you have to shell out over 5 grand for one of their “Special” seminars which has reportedly been a scam.

I don’t think Christina’s going to have a problem landing a job but I’m willing to bet that Tarek’s TV career is done.

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