Please Make An Atomic Blonde and John Wick Crossover

Please Make An Atomic Blonde and John Wick Crossover

Please Make An Atomic Blonde and John Wick Crossover

As exciting as this sounds the glaring truth is that there is a big gap between the timeline of Atomic Blonde and John Wick, at least insofar as it pertains to seeing both characters in their prime.  If Lorraine Broughton were to be seen in John Wick’s current timeline she’d be a good deal older, whereas bringing John back into her timeline would make him quite a bit younger. A lot of fans do happen to think that Keanu Reeves could pull this off since he hasn’t appeared to age that much in the last couple decades, but it would still be a stretch since something monumental would have to happen to bring these two together, and the ensuing fight would have to end up in John’s favor, or Lorraine would have to be a good sport and decide that he’d taken enough of a beating and leave him be. It doesn’t feel as though these two would be the type of characters that might be allies, though stranger things have happened obviously. The answer to who would win in a fight between the two would be kind of irrelevant since there’s no way that a director would be willing to kill off either one, but the fight itself would be impressive, to say the least. Some believe that John would win since the obvious reason is that he’s an assassin, someone that’s trained to deal death with little to no feeling. Others think that Lorraine’s spy skills might save her as she might be able to sneak up on Wick, as it’s happened before. In any case, as I said, it’s a bit irrelevant since if a crossover does happen, these two will likely be at odds or they’ll find common ground at some point.

A crossover would be a tricky proposition but people are already hoping it might be a possibility. Even Charlize Theron has been heard to say that she is simply waiting on the call to make it happen, a she’s firmly on board with the idea and would jump on it. She and Keanu have worked together in the past as fans should recall, most notably in The Devil’s Advocate along with Al Pacino and several others. This time however there would be a much different tone to their pairing and it’s very likely that they would be set against each other at one point and that their chemistry, which is quite good on screen as it’s been seen, could make this work in a very big way. It’s simply the idea of how to make it work that would need to be ironed out at this time, not only because it would require a great script, but also because it would require that both actors be able to find the time to film said script. At this time both of them are quite busy as Theron is taking on the show The Old Guard while Keanu is getting read for Bill & Ted Face the Music to come out, and is working on The Matrix 4 and looking forward to John Wick 4. At this time both of them are quite busy, so despite the desire for this crossover, the reality is that it might take a while to materialize.

To think that it might take so long that neither actor will be able to perform however is something that many people don’t see happening at this time. Many people feel that both Theron and Reeves are only getting better with age and there’s a lot of evidence to back this up even as their bodies continue to age. The fact is that they both take care of themselves and staying active in the ways they have at this point has done them a world of good, enough that if this crossover could happen and does ever happen that they might be able to take it on without any serious concerns that they’d be too old or too infirm. Many action stars are pushing their limits these days as they continue to make one movie after another, as many have proven with their continued sequels. But the excitement that such a crossover might one day come along still needs to be tempered by the idea that not just any old script will do. There will need to be something, a purpose, a reason that these two would meet and possibly fight, as just slapping them into the same movie and expecting a fight to happen is about has haphazard as it gets sometimes. It’s been done before, taking two stars or icons and jamming them into the same movie. Does anyone remember the Expendables movies? That’s a fair example no matter how action-packed the movies were. So yes, it could be a great movie if it ever happens, but whoever writes the script is going to be feeling the pressure for sure.

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