Do You Think a Call of Duty Cinematic Universe is Good Idea?

We’ve got an MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe).  We’ve got a DCEU (DC Extended Universe).  Is a CODCU next on the playlist?  That would be Call of Duty Cinematic Universe for those of you keeping score at home.   Apparently Activision Blizzard studios is 100% behind this idea.   Here’s a direct quote from the company in an interview they gave to The Guardian:

“We have plotted out many years…We put together this group of writers to talk about where we were going. There’ll be a film that feels more like ‘Black Ops,’ the story behind the story. The ‘Modern Warfare‘ series looks at what it’s like to fight a war with the eyes of the world on you. And then maybe something that is more of a hybrid, where you are looking at private, covert operations, while a public operation is going on,” co-president Stacey Sher said.

“It’s going to have the same sort of high-adrenaline, high-energy aesthetic as the game, but it’s not a literal adaptation. It’s a much more broad and inclusive, global in scope … a big, tentpole Marvel-esque movie,” co-president Nick van Dyk added.

Does this make sense?  Under one condition I say it makes sense.  Video game movies HAVE to be solved first.  Remember, we’re still not there yet as far as transitioning a great video game into a great movie.  We’ve come close a few times but we’re just not there.   I will say this though.   COD makes sense because of the military aspect.  That won’t be hard to put on screen.  People love action military flicks.   We’ll keep you posted on this.

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