The Supergirl Of The DC Cinematic Universe May Not Be Kara Zor-El

The Supergirl Of The DC Cinematic Universe May Not Be Kara Zor-El

The Supergirl Of The DC Cinematic Universe May Not Be Kara Zor-El

The Supergirl Of The DC Cinematic Universe May Not Be Kara Zor-El

One of the biggest surprises for upcoming comic book movies this year was the reveal that Supergirl would be making her DC Cinematic Universe debut in the Flash movie in 2022. Did anyone really see that coming? I certainly didn’t, but director Andy Muschietti casting unknown actress Sasha Calle as Superman’s cousin over a Zoom call was quite the eye-popper. I’ve written about how big her role could possibly be in the Flash movie, but underneath all the speculation, I’m just dying to know more. The character didn’t appear in the 2011 Flashpoint comic, but her more popular cousin sure did. Granted, he wasn’t the typical Superman we’re all familiar with, but still Clark Kent. That extremely scrawny and lab rat version of Clark Kent was a minor character in Flashpoint, but his appearance was quite the shocker.

Now Andy Muschietti has specifically stated that his adaptation of Flashpoint will be different from the comic. As far as we know, Henry Cavill won’t be making an appearance as Superman in the Flash movie. But seriously, he should return very soon, am I right? Where am I going with this? Well, I just have a theory that Sasha Calle’s Supergirl will be taking on Superman’s role in the Flash movie. That was my theory from the beginning, but I’m hearing other theories that sound more interesting.

First of all, I bring this up because we managed to get our first look at Sasha Calle in the Supergirl costume. Just go Google the DCEU Flash movie and you can get a little sneak peak at some leaked set photos that show Sasha Calle’s Supergirl taking to the skies. The only real criticism I have is that there’s no sign of a cape on her. Then again, Henry Cavill didn’t really wear a cape during his shooting either. Yeah, a CGI cape sounds lame, but Zack Snyder chose that route for a reason. You can’t control the movements of a practical cape and that’s wear the CGI comes in. That explains why Sasha Calle’s Supergirl has no cape during shooting, but trust me, we’ll see her wearing one in the movie.

You know what else really stood out to fans? The very close resemblance Sasha Calle’s Supergirl costume bears to Henry Cavill’s. It looks to be the same texture, the same material, and even the same “S” on her chest. It’s a very clear and nice photo, so seeing her in full costume was very impressive. The biggest difference between her costume and Henry Cavill’s was the amount of red on her upper body. It really makes her stand out and I personally dig it. She’s wearing full tights, so no skirt like the traditional Supergirl outfit or the Melissa Benoist version.

That’s a good thing, because I doubt this Supergirl will be less naive and more of a warrior. I mean, she is supposed to be the older cousin of Superman, so it’s ideal that she would be the more experienced fighter. But if you’re a comic book fan, you know the story of Kara Zor-El.

The thing is, it’s highly possible this DCEU Supergirl won’t be Kara Zor-El. This seems strange, but the theories I’m hearing do sound plausible. For instance, take a look at the way Sasha Calle looks in the set photos. As the first Latina actress to portray Supergirl, she’s far from the blonde-haired, blue-eyed Kara from the comics. Rather than have her look like Kara, she still looks like herself, except she’s donning a shorter haircut.

From the looks of it, she reminds the fans an awful lot like another version of Supergirl from the comics. Certainly not the traditional Kara Zor-El from the comics, but the actual daughter of Clark Kent and Lois Lane from the Injustice series. Sadly, this was all a dream forced into the Injustice Superman’s mind exhibited by the Black Mercy. Guess who threw it on him? Boy, Batman can be a bit extreme sometimes, but then again, the Injustice Superman was a real tyrant.

In the hallucinogenic dream sequence, Superman lived a fantasy where Lois didn’t die and she gave birth to their daughter. They named their kid Lara Lane Kent, who eventually grew up to be that world’s Supergirl. Yeah, that didn’t last, and the Injustice Superman woke up more enraged than ever. Probably not the best plan there, Batman. But you know what? Take a look at Lara Lane Kent and how Sasha Calle looks in the leaked set photos. Their haircuts are practically identical. This leads fans to believe that the DCEU Supergirl will be Lara Lane Kent and not Kara Zor-El.

This is an interesting theory. If it’s true, then I wouldn’t be too surprised, considering the Flash movie will be exploring the Multiverse. It’s possible that this Supergirl may not have any connection to Henry Cavill’s Superman. I’m not too fond of that idea, since Clark and Kara have always been close in the comics. I must admit, however, that these theories I’ve been hearing about Sasha Calle’s Supergirl do intrigue me.

Is she or is she not Kara Zor-El? Could she be Lara Lane Kent? If that’s the case, then it’s possible Andy Muschietti could be following the Injustice-like story Zack Snyder set up in Justice League. That would be an interesting way to connect this Supergirl to Henry Cavill’s Superman in the sense that she could be that world’s new hero capable of standing up to him. That would make for a very epic battle, but perhaps Andy Muschietti will go an even bolder route.

Other fan theories suggest that this new Supergirl could be a time traveler. It does make sense, considering she and Superman can fly at a speed that can rival the Flash’s running speed. Maybe she doesn’t have any connection to Henry Cavill’s Superman, but if she’s a time traveler, it’s possible the Flash can inform her there’s a being like her where he comes from. If she believes him, then she could work with him to fix the timeline and the Kryptonians can finally meet.

Another option is to honor the plan Zack Snyder had in mind. Go back and check out the prequel comic to Man of Steel and it’ll give you some insight on the whereabouts of Kara. Remember that empty pod from the Kryptonian ship Clark found in Man of Steel? Well, that’s your first hint, but the prequel comic will give you more. If the Flash movie still wants to honor the Snyderverse, then we could be getting a Supergirl who has been living on Earth far longer than Superman has.

What are your thoughts, DC fans?

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