Our Picks for the Top Waitresses in Movies

Our Picks for the Top Waitresses in Movies

Our Picks for the Top Waitresses in Movies

Anyone in the food service industry has a hard job, and if you’ve ever been there you know how often this gets downplayed. Women in this industry seem to get taken advantage of the most and more often than not need to fire back a lot harder to make sure that they aren’t being taken advantage of. But then there are those waitresses that really aren’t up for taking other people’s abuse and tend to be a little more outwardly expressive, to put it nicely. In other words, tip well and be polite or there’s really no telling what might happen.

Always remember the cardinal rule of food service: don’t mess with people that handle your food.

5. Mercedes Rhuel in Secret of My Success

Our Picks for the Top Waitresses in Movies

I could not find a clip for this but the picture speaks volumes. In nearly every role she’s played Rhuel has been sassy, strong, and fiercely independent in ways that speak volumes about her character. In the food industry a person has to have thick skin and sometimes be able to challenge the customer right back if they don’t want to be walked on. Mercedes seems to have that step down pat.

4. Stephanie Ittleson in Swingers

Don’t ever assume that a waitress working a restaurant or a bar doesn’t have the same type of education that you have. Some of them might actually be much smarter than you despite the fact that they don’t need to prove it every waking second of the day. Some people actually have to work while they’re getting an education, and then some are just that smart to begin with, so check your assumptions at the front door and treat your servers with some respect and you might be pleasantly surprised.

3. Jennifer Aniston in Office Space

This is no joke really, though it is pretty funny. Servers have to go through a lot during their job, and depending on the place they work their stress load might be more intense since a lot of it comes from the job itself and not the customers. It’s reasonable to want to keep up appearances and be peppy and friendly to the customers, but asking a waitress to be constantly upbeat and always looking to to improve her service gets a bit old after awhile. If she’s doing a good job and the people like her, it’s a good idea to leave her alone.

2. Anna Faris in Waiting

This one could not possibly have been left off. Faris isn’t just funny, she’s funny in a biting, grab on with fingernails and teeth kind of way that you can’t help but wince at. It’s not always a good idea for staff to be this close with one another, but it’s not exactly discouraged either, no matter what a thousand training manuals say. But at this level it’s a little disturbing to to witness a lover’s spat in the middle of your dining experience. It’s still way funny though.

1. Linda Hamilton in The Terminator

This has more to do with the woman that Sarah Connor would become than the woman she is in the clip. She’s not much of a waitress to be honest, which is why the transition to savior of the future seems far more amenable to the character. Still, watching what she goes through in her daily routine on the floor is enough to make one shake their and reminisce back to the days in which they had to serve a bunch of ungrateful diners that didn’t understand the word “courtesy”. Ah well, she turned out okay eventually.

Waitresses do in fact have a hard job. They have to keep their customers happy and still find time to remind themselves of why they’re putting themselves through this kind of punishment. It’s not a bad job, but it’s not the best either.


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