10 Things You Didn’t Know about Phoebe Combes

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Phoebe Combes

Phoebe Combes is a bit of everything. She’s young, she’s cool, she’s very in tune with her body. She’s got it going on in ways that many people twice her age have yet to figure out. This Australian beauty has a massive social following, and we see why. She’s someone who brings it to the table, and she’s not afraid to step outside her own comfort zone to help others become the very best versions of themselves. She’s inspiring, and we want to know more about her.

1. She’s into Yoga

Phoebe Combes is a young woman who feels that yoga is the right thing for her. She uses it to meditate, to strip down her feelings and the things that are going on in her life, and she uses it as a chance to figure out where she’s going versus where she’s been. She’s into practicing as often as possible, and that’s something we think more people should look into.

2. She’s A Model

When she’s not doing yoga and becoming the most simplistic version of herself, she’s busy modeling. She’s associated with Kult Australia, an agency that makes the most of who she is. She’s landed some jobs with some major companies across the world who make her face more famous than she already is.

3. She Strives for Connection

Honestly, everyone probably does in some way in their lives. However, this young model finds a certain form of peace and awareness in her own connection. She looks for her connection within herself, within the world that is surrounding her, and around the other things in life that are most important to her. She wants real, solid, and tangible connections in life.

4. She’s A Vegan

Part of the connection she feels in the world involves not being into the consumption of animals. She prefers to eat a clean diet that is vegan in its ways. She’s been on this journey for some time, and she’s spoken out about it to her followers more than once in her life. She’s not just a sometimes vegan. This is her lifestyle.

5. She’s Young

She definitely looks young, but sometimes the fact that someone is a youthful model can confuse their fans. Is she as young as she looks, or is she just blessed with amazing genes and a certain type of youthfulness? It can go either way, but Phoebe Combes is actually young. Her date of birth is March 6, 2000. She just celebrated her 20th birthday prior to the world locking down.

6. She’s Worth a Lot

If you want to know how much this young model, Instagram star, and force is worth, you might want to know more about her net worth. It seems that as of 2020, Phoebe Combes has an impressive net worth for someone her age. She’s worth an estimated $6 million right now.

7. She’s Overcome So Much

There is a reason that Phoebe Combes tries to be so in tune with her body, and that is because she’s been through so much in her young life. She’s dealt with the health condition that’s often a plague for such young women. She’s suffered from anorexia, and it took control of her life for many years. She began to suffer from her eating disorder when she was only 14, and it took her years to get the kind of help she needed to overcome her issues.

8. She Spent Five Weeks Hospitalized

Because she was always a fan of baggy clothes, her parents did not notice right away that their young daughter was becoming so thin. When her mother finally realized how small her petite daughter had become, she cried and she did all she could to help her daughter. However, Phoebe was beyond the realm of help until the day she collapsed and realized that her skin was beginning to rip in places due to her malnutrition. It took five weeks in the hospital for her to recover, and treatment had to work for her after that.

9. She Advocates for Young Women

One thing that she knows for certain is how hard it is to admit you have an eating disorder, but she wants all young men and women to know that they have to admit it. They have to recognize their issues. They have to face the facts and learn to cope with it. They need to do it early, too, when they can still overcome it in a way that’s a lot easier and lot more beneficial.

10. She Loves Being Outdoors

When you spend a little time on her Instagram page, you can see that being outside is therapeutic for her. She spends as much time as she can on the water, by the beach, and outside in the fresh air as a whole. We love that, and we know that being outdoors is such a healing property.

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