Five Things You didn’t Know about Christian Camargo

Five Things You didn’t Know about Christian Camargo

While he was born Christian Minnick, Christian Camargo is an actor and producer that has been active since 1996 and has an impressive filmography to prove it. He’s starred in a great number of roles and even been on the fan favorite show Dexter in the past. Throughout much of his life he’s been a dedicated actor and has stayed true to his craft since he’s excelled in just about everything he’s done. If you don’t recognize him it might be time to turn on the TV or do your research because he’s been around long enough that his name should be out there. It might be that he’s more of a supporting character but even then he’s become something of a famous person in Hollywood and isn’t to be looked past.

Seriously, look him up.

5. His family has a history of acting.

His mother is Victoria Wyndham and his grandfather was Ralph Camargo. It would seem that acting is in his blood so it wouldn’t be worth it to fight so long as he had a reason to express whatever talent he had. To date he’s managed to insinuate himself very well into the acting life and is still there as he continues to audition and seek out roles that he’s best suited to.

4. He worked at his school’s radio station.

He worked at the radio station WEOS at Hobart College while he was in school. Some in the past might have called this the kind of job an oddball or introvert might have taken but in truth it gives a person a much more extensive reach when they ply their voice to the masses. And if nothing else it can teach a person how to talk to people even if it’s not face to face.

3. He went to the Julliard School in New York.

Graduating from Julliard is something that any actor worth their voice and looks should be proud of since it’s not the easiest thing in the world and would look great on a resume, particularly if they graduated with high enough marks to impress those that were looking for someone that could fit a part in a movie, TV show, or stage production. That’s the kind of golden ticket that no one throws away.

2. He owns his own vintage car shop and studio.

Fast Ashley’s is the name of the shop he owns in Brooklyn. I get the feeling this might be one of the places he goes during his down time. Or maybe it’s something he does on a regular basis. Whatever the case it’s a specialty shop that no doubt pulls in high-dollar business and can make a pretty penny if he does sell or trade anything.

1. He’s very proud of his Mexican-American heritage.

This is very cool since too many people seem to reach Hollywood and just forget where they came from. It’s always nice to hear about people remembering their heritage and being proud enough to claim it.

Don’t look past him, he’s someone that could be going places.

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