Phantom Galaxies Is Bringing NFT Games To a New Level

Phantom Galaxies Is Bringing NFT Games To a New Level

Phantom Galaxies recently exploded onto the scene without much warning. This new IP being developed by Animoca Brands and Blowfish Studios is a love letter to 80’s robot and mech fantasy. By looking at the trailer, it is easy to guess the inspiration of what this game is about. A strange combination of Gundam and Transformers is the foundation of this new universe. The planet of Neoterra was once a place that had warring factions that struggled with their own ideologies. Of course, until a new threat appeared that is in the guise of an alien menace called the Sha’Kari. Within this race, a sub-group of Zealots called the Sha’Har are on the hunt to eliminate humankind due to the desecration of their holy grounds. Now, all of the regions of Neoterra have joined forces to fight back against this mutual foe.

Even though this is a new title, it is also an ambitious one to boot. The developers of Phantom Galaxies are aiming for it to be an MMO that is a mix of a blistering mech shooter and a building sim. With that said, there is some controversy associated with this title that is raising some concerns. Needless to say, the game looks polished and it appears to be offering a wealth of material for players to dig into. There is even a roadmap already laid out that has plans on what the future content will entail. This game has been in development for a while and it looks like it is in its final stages. If everything goes well at launch, this game could be something that Anthem failed to achieve.


More Than What Meets The Optics

Phantom Galaxies is going to be a “Blockchain game” which basically means that players will have control over how the game will unfold. In other words, players will need to have access to cryptocurrency in order to buy gear and loot. Hence, they can also sell it after they happen to increase in value depending on the fluctuations in the market. Some developers believe that Blockchain games and NFTs are going to be the “future of the video game industry.” While some would argue that this is just another form of micro-transactions, not everyone is on board with this proposal. Even though these are uncharted waters, more developers are toying with the idea of “play-to-earn” and NFT games. Currently, things are not quite ironed out regarding the schematics of everything, but Phantom Galaxies is certainly the biggest title yet to jump onto the NFT bandwagon. It will be interesting to see how everything plays out after launch.

Needless to say, Phantom Galaxies appears to be a fun romp with intergalactic mayhem and ground-based combat. Akin to Titanfall, players take control of a pilot that can jump into a selectable mech suit accompanied with various stats. Choose between a; Lancer, Buster, Breacher, or Assault class. Synonymous to the classes that are found in popular military FPS’s like Battlefield, players simply choose what fits their playstyle. The Lancer is like a stealthy Recon class that’s slick and agile. The Buster is loaded with bombastic firepower to crush enemies. Thus, the Breacher specializes in melee attacks and the Assualt Mech is decked out like a standard commando. This game will be heavily engrained with RPG elements that entail constantly upgrading gear and collecting all manners of items. There will also most likely be a trading post where players can switch up items with other players at colonies.

Ironclad Battles

Players will be able to join Guilds to fully explore this world while having a sense of place. Gain XP to unlock a myriad of skills, abilities, and weapons, and customizations. Be able to fully embrace your mech and make it completely unique with personally molded load-outs and configurations. Even though there is an alien enemy trying to smite mankind, there will also be other factions floating around throughout the cosmos. Scavengers, pirates, bandits, and other factions will be gunning for players’ loot. Plus, players will be able to go on optional missions that will take them to the far reaches of the galaxy. Collect bounties, find rare materials, and partake in smuggling missions with underground scoundrels within a black market. There will even be hidden mines to explore that will hold various treasures that can be collected.

The main campaign will feature a “choice system” that will change the atmosphere of the colonies. The main character, Ensign, will come with a “reputation system” that is somewhat similar to Red Dead Redemption 2. Based on his reputation, the story will branch off accordingly which will ultimately affect the ending of the game. Of course, the true meat and potatoes of Phantom Galaxies will be the online component. Taking on other factions and robbing them of their hard-earned loot is where the real fun will happen. Considering the vast maps that are explorable in this title, players will be able to melt away countless hours poking around in space and throughout planetary colonies. The mechs all have a “transforming” ability to where that can snap into a “vehicle mode” to navigate the galaxy. They can also fire projectiles while in this mode, although it is not nearly as effective as the “mech mode.” No, the mech mode is where the true action takes place and where players can fully utilize what their avatar is all about.

Mechs and Mavericks

Phantom Galaxies is slowly starting to turn heads and gain some attention. Even though the non-fungal token angle isn’t shining the best light on it, this title is still teeming with potential. Whatever the case, players who are fans of 1980’s Saturday morning cartoons or anime should keep their eye on this. Blowfish Studios seems to have some grandiose plans for their project and it appears to be gaining steam. Hopefully, players will get some kind of demo to help them understand how everything works and give them a good taste of the gameplay mechanics. Expect Phantom Galaxies to launch something within the second quarter of 2022 for the PC, Xbox Series X, and PlayStation 5.

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