Guy Uses Colonist IO to Propose to Girlfriend

Guy Uses Colonist IO to Propose to Girlfriend

Guy Uses Colonist IO to Propose to Girlfriend

The long and short of Colonist is that it’s an online board game in which players have to set up a civilization using the process of gathering resources in one way or another and typically enter a game with 5 or more other players to figure out what it takes to make the process work. Setting aside any negative connotations of being a ‘colonizer’ the game has managed to attract quite a few people since its release back in 2017. It’s not the oldest game out there and it’s had enough issues to deal with since to be fair, just about every game, especially those that allow people to play with each other online, are going to run up against one obstacle or another. But the overall enjoyment of the game took on a new level for a happy couple not long ago as the proposal made by the man to the woman of his dreams was enacted within the game, which is a fun and touching surprise that has been used before, but is still interesting to see since it’s not something that everyone would be thinking of when popping the question. 

Video game culture is very real and as one can imagine, many couples enjoy playing games with one another and are usually highly competitive which does a great deal of good for their relationship. It’s a bit odd, isn’t it? One would think that being competitive with your significant other might be kind of a warning sign that things would become a little tough at times that might keep people from playing the same game unless they set certain boundaries. But if a person feels confident enough to propose to their SO in a video game, especially when it comes to using a special effect the other person doesn’t see coming, it typically means that they’re bonded in a way that’s hard for others to understand, but is still uplifting since it’s the kind of bond that people tend to look for in life but don’t always find. 

There have been a few people throughout the years that have managed to come up with this type of idea, and it’s usually gone off without a hitch since something like this means that a person knows enough about their partner (hopefully) that they can create such a proposal without fear of rejection. Considering that this game is played with others online, perhaps friends and even family, that could be a bit of a painful experience. But thankfully the attempt being discussed went off without any issues, since the woman, who was rightly surprised and pleasantly so, did say yes. The personal touch that this represents is nice since it means that these two definitely know each other quite well and happen to enjoy their time together. It was no doubt a nice moment to take part in for the other gamers as well, as many people enjoy watching proposals, especially those that end on a positive note and promise years to come between the happy couple. It does make one think about how the gamer prepared for this and who was in on the proposal if anyone. 

To be fair, I’m not going to be promoting Colonist that much, especially since it doesn’t look like the type of game that everyone will be able to force themselves to get into. But from a certain point of view, it does look like the type of game that would be popular with those that enjoy strategy and the opportunity to show off their organizational skills. It’s definitely the type of game for someone that’s looking to design a marriage proposal and has a penchant for being sneaky. Let’s face it, figuring out how to propose to a person that you want to share your life with isn’t the easiest thing in the world no matter what anyone says since this is a big step in a person’s life and something that’s not to be taken lightly. But hiding something in a video game would be a risky surprise unless a person had nothing but confidence that it would work. It’s uplifting to know that everything went as well as it could. 

To be serious, marriage is a big part of life that’s not to be fooled around with since it’s a serious step in life that a lot of people don’t take seriously enough. Thankfully though, there are moments when one figures out that if they know the person they’re with, and share more than one interest, particularly something that they can enjoy together, things can align and magic can happen. It’s easy to say congratulations at such moments, and be impressed by the person that came up with the proposal. So all the best to the happy couple and hopefully they’ll continue to share their happiness for many years to come. 

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