What We Know About Battlefield Portal So Far

What We Know About Battlefield Portal So Far

battlefield portal

EA Play streamed earlier this week and with it came the official announcement and reveal of a brand new game mode called Battlefield Portal. Remember when EA said that there were going to be more announcements in July regarding Battlefield 2042? Yeah, this is that. Battlefield Portal is a brand new addition to the Battlefield universe and will be shipping with Battlefield 2042 as an included game mode. We actually found out quite a bit from the latest EA Play that revealed a ton of information about the new Battlefield game mode. So, what exactly do we know about Battlefield Portal so far? Let’s get right into the details to tell you everything we know about the new way to play custom games within Battlefield 2042!

What is Battlefield Portal?

According to the official Battlefield website, “Battlefield Portal is a community-driven platform within Battlefield™ 2042 that will let you create and find fantastic experiences made by the series’ creative and passionate community. The creation suite includes Settings, custom modes, and a Logic Editor so you can build your own signature spin on Battlefield’s sandbox; you’ll be able to change team ratios, tweak victory conditions, restrict weapons, and even put different factions from different eras in Battlefield’s history against one another. Those who want to focus on discovering what others have created will have easy access to an entire world of unexpected battles featuring some of the series’ most famous eras mashed together in distinct, exciting experiences.” In addition to all of the exciting content that players will be able to enjoy in Battlefield 2042, Battlefield Portal also lets you have fun with maps, weapons, vehicles, and a whole lot more from previous Battlefield games with remastered visuals, such as Battlefield 1942, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3.

Custom Match Settings

Battlefield Portal, in essence, is a massive custom game, that allows you to tweak just about any setting in the game that you want. We’ve been given a small selection of settings that you can mess around with in Battlefield Portal at launch, including:

  • Factions – for the first time in franchise history you can battle across different Battlefield eras, choosing which soldiers, weapons and vehicles can compete on the battlefield. Want to pit an 1942-era team against foes outfitted with modern weapons and tech? Go for it.
  • Mobility – using Battlefield 2042’s Settings, you can disable/enable players’ ability to Aim Down Sights, go prone, and more. We’re giving you the options that allow you to play these Battlefield experiences as authentically as possible or to instead enjoy them with the conveniences of modern gaming experience. For example: If you want a more authentic Battlefield 1942 experience, you can switch off sprinting and disable health regeneration.
  • Visibility – if you want to create a more Hardcore mode experience for your players, why not disable everyone’s Heads’ Up Display (HUD) and the minimap?
  • Arsenal – Tired of getting dusted by sniper rifles or blown to pieces by tanks? You will be able to restrict weapons, specialists, gear, and vehicles that players have access to in your match.
  • Scale – You can control the max number of players for each team as well as which weapons everyone has access to, creating as much balance or chaos as your heart desires. Why not pit 10 players armed with assault rifles against 50 players armed only with knives? Go wild.

Unfortunately for some, EA has confirmed that while this is only a small portion of the settings you can play with, you will not be able to create a custom Battle Royale mode. Not necessarily a huge deal for most players, but definitely something that I’m sure a lot of people would be interested in for the future.


Within Battlefield Portal, you’ll also be able to create Experiences for other players, which basically allows players to join to run custom games or preset modes like Conquest, Team Deathmatch, Rush, etc. You can also choose to fill the match with AI if you like, or you can completely opt out of AI soldiers. With the launch of the game, you can expect basic Admin Tools to be usable by creators of Experiences, like the ability to ban usernames which continue across Experiences you create. This is definitely huge, having permanent bans across all Experiences that you create is definitely a fantastic option. If you like a player’s Experience enough, you can choose to Follow them to keep up to date with when they run matches, and creators can choose to share their own creations as well as give other players permission to build upon them with their Settings and logic edits. Like Fortnite, some of the most popular Experiences will be featured in official curated playlists, which makes it easy to find fun and creative new matches when you load into Battlefield Portal. 

Logic Editor

If you have any experience with computer programming, then the Battlefield Portal Logic Editor will make a lot more sense. If not, don’t worry, it’ll just take a bit of time to learn. Basically, the Logic Editor within Battlefield Portal will allow you to create custom win conditions, team scale, and a whole lot more, by basically creating custom logic yourself. This is probably going to be my favorite feature, but one that probably won’t see a whole lot of use, just due to the fact that there’s a lot of people that won’t want to take the time to do it themselves. We’ll find out more about the Logic Editor in the coming months.


Here’s a look at the full list of returning maps that will be included at launch:

  • Battle Of The Bulge (Battlefield 1942)
  • El Alamein (Battlefield 1942)
  • Arica Harbor (Battlefield: Bad Company 2)
  • Valparaiso (Battlefield: Bad Company 2)
  • Caspian Border (Battlefield 3)
  • Noshahr Canals (Battlefield 3)

Now, let’s take a look at some other returning favorites:


  • 40+ Weapons from 3 Theaters of War;
  • M1 Garand, Panzerschreck, G3, M416 and more
  • Plus the inclusion of Battlefield 2042’s All-Out Warfare Arsenal.


  • 40+ Vehicles from 3 Theaters of War;
  • The Spitfire and B17 Bomber make their return alongside modern hardware such as the Quad Bike and Little Bird.
  • Plus the inclusion of Battlefield 2042’s All-Out Warfare array of vehicles.


  • 30+ Gadgets from 3 Theaters of War;
  • Reconnaissance items such as the MAV and Radio Beacon will be available as gadget selections alongside the Defibrillator and EOD Bot!
  • Plus the inclusion of Battlefield 2042’s Gadgets.


  • Classic Factions will be making their return in Battlefield Portal as you remember them, allowing you the ability to mix and match between 7 different armies from the Classic titles as well as Battlefield 2042’s Specialists.
  • Armies such as 1942’s UK, US, and Germany as well as Bad Company 2’s US and Russia will feature exclusively in Battlefield Portal.


  • The return of Factions to Battlefield Portal, we will also mean that we are bringing back soldier archetypes as you know them to be within their relevant titles. As an example, Battlefield 3’s Assault, Engineer, Support and Recon roles make their return in Battlefield Portal.

That’s pretty much all we currently know about Battlefield Portal so far. It is worth noting that progression is synchronized, so you’ll be able to continue to earn experience even through Battlefield Portal, but we’ll hear a lot more about progression later this year. What do you think about Battlefield Portal? Personally, I think I’m going to have a ton of fun playing through all the different options in it when it releases on October 22 this year.

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