Will Bowsette Ever Be Part of the Nintendo Universe?


People with an interest in the Mario franchise might have noticed the concept of Bowsette that has spread throughout the Mario fandom and beyond in recent months. For those who are unfamiliar, Bowsette is Bowser as a Princess Peach lookalike. There can be a fair amount of variation from fan artist to fan artist, but there are a number of characteristics that are common to most versions.

For starters, Bowsette tends to be shown as a more buxom version of Princess Peach. Most versions have the blonde hair as well as a fair complexion. However, there are some versions that sport red hair as well as a more tanned complexion. Anyways, Bowsette retains certain characteristics that are reminiscent of Bowser, which would be the horns, the turtle shell, the spiked bracelets, and the pointed teeth. Moreover, she tends to have more black in her color scheme, though this isn’t universal. Expression-wise, Bowsette is often depicted with wilder emotions than what Princess Peach tends to show, whether that means a go-getter grin or an outraged scowl. Combined, these elements make it very easy to tell when a picture is supposed to be Bowsette, which is convenient for people who are curious about what is happening in the Mario fandom.

As for how Bowsette came into existence, well, this is something that can be blamed on Nintendo to some extent. In short, what happened was that when Nintendo released a trailer for New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch, Internet users latched onto the fact that a female Toad character named Toadette could use an item called the Super Crown to turn into a Princess Peach lookalike called Peachette. There were some people who started wondering what this meant for the Mario setting, with an excellent example being those wondering whether other Toads were capable of performing similar transformations into other human beings. However, other people realized the Super Crown’s immense potential for hilarious and otherwise entertaining fan art, thus resulting in what is now called Bowsette.

With that said, the credit for kickstarting the Bowsette trend can be attributed to a Twitter user named @ayyk92, who seems to have been the first individual to produce fan art of Bowser turning into a Princess Peach lookalike through the use of the Super Crown. Said fan art proved to be very popular, so much so that there were soon a hoard of fan artists producing their own interpretations of the basic concept. For the most part, this fan art was pretty much exactly what people would expect under the circumstances. However, there were also fan artists who decided to take their own particular interpretations in bolder, more experimental directions, whether that meant drawing a different body type or incorporating more of Bowser’s more monstrous features.

On top of this, it should come as no surprise to learn that the idea of the Super Crown has spread to not just other Mario characters but also other franchises. For example, both King Boo and Chain Chomp have become very popular choices for fan art of this kind, though they haven’t been standardized to the same extent as Bowsette. However, the funniest examples might be the ones in which the Peach-ified versions of the squid-like Bloopers are just Splatoon characters.

Will Bowsette Ever Be a Part of the Nintendo Universe?

Given the sheer amount of enthusiasm for Bowsette, it should come as no surprise to learn that some people have wondered about whether Nintendo would ever incorporate the character into Mario canon. After all, catching a free ride on fandom momentum seems like it would make for a pretty sound strategy, particularly since sparking that kind of feeling using intentional methods is much easier said than done. However, the incorporation of Bowsette into Mario canon was always wishful thinking on the part of interested individuals, as shown by the fact that Nintendo has soft confirmed that it won’t be happening anytime soon.

For those who are curious, Nintendo’s website for New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe stated that the Super Crown is limited for use by Toadette. Of course, there are various ways that interested individuals can argue that this doesn’t rule out Bowsette forever. For instance, the wording can be interpreted to mean that the Super Crown can’t be used by Luigi, meaning that it could still be used by someone else altogether. Likewise, it is possible that something similar to Bowsette could be handwaved using some other plot device, particularly since the Mario setting isn’t exactly one founded on inviolable rules. Whatever the case, the fact of the matter is that Bowsette won’t be showing up in the Mario setting anytime soon, which is wholly unsurprising because her incorporation seems like the kind of thing that could turn into a complete and utter legal nightmare.

Having said that, it is amusing to note that Nintendo has apparently thought about the potential for a Princess Peach with Bowser features. In short, what happened is that Nintendo thought about giving Bowser his own version of Cappy in Super Mario Odyssey, meaning that he would have been able to possess characters that would take on some of his features in much the same way that Mario could possess characters that would take on some of Mario’s features. The concept never managed to make it into the finished product, but it was mulled over enough that there is official concept art of a Bowser-possessed Princess Peach. It isn’t quite Bowsette, but there are definitely some strong similarities with said phenomenon, which makes sense considering their origins.

Further Considerations

Summed up, the chances of Bowsette making it into the Mario franchise aren’t very high. However, it is still possible for something similar to make it in at some point in the future, particularly since we know that Nintendo’s team has had thoughts in this direction. There is no way to say whether these thoughts will ever make it into a Mario game, but the fact that they exist means that the chances are not zero.

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