Perhaps Kenan Thompson Will Cameo in Game Changers Season 2

Perhaps Kenan Thompson Will Cameo in Game Changers Season 2

It was great to see some of the original cast members from The Mighty Ducks in season one of Game Changers, but it’s a big question of who we’re going to get to see in the second season, especially since Emilio Estevez won’t be heading up the role of Coach Gordon Bombay again. But since we did get to see several of the old Ducks show up, it would be nice to see a couple of other faces that we might recognize, and Kenan Thompson has made it clear that he wants to be one of those faces. His character, Russ, didn’t come in until the second movie when several of the Ducks failed to return and a few others stepped up to join the team for the Goodwill Games that saw the Ducks take on teams from across the world. Russ, an accomplished street hockey player, was the individual that brought the infamous ‘knuckle puck’ which was one of the many gimmicks that carried the Ducks to a victory over Iceland in the movie. Russ did make his way into the third movie as well, but wasn’t as much of a presence for one reason or another. 

Scheduling conflicts kept him out of the first season of Game Changers since he’d already made other obligations that had to be kept, but it does sound as though he’s hoping that the second season will give him the chance to come in for a cameo. One has to remember that the Ducks that did show up for season one were only there for a short time, and the one that many were hoping to see, Charlie, aka Joshua Jackson, was notably absent as well. The guy that ended up being the overall captain and inspiration of the team didn’t show up, which is making a lot of people wonder if he’s going to make an appearance in season 2.

That would indeed be a bit of a miracle to a lot of people, since the fact is that a lot of the Ducks were well-liked by a lot of the fans, and it would be great to see what their characters have been up to in the years since they last flew together as a team. Some of the original cast members have been keeping busy and have pushed their career forward, at least one of them has been in a great deal of legal trouble, and others have kind of fallen off the map at this time, though they can still be found if one really tries. Thompson’s career has continued in a successful manner since thanks to Saturday Night Live and other shows he’s been remaining in the spotlight and been doing a great job of it at the same time. To say that he’s bound to be one of the greats when it comes to acting feels as though it might be overestimating his talent just a little bit, but to say that he’s bound to be remembered for a while to come is definitely on point since his sense of humor and his acting abilities are more than enough to keep him sitting comfortably where he’s at. 

As far as coming back to the Ducks for a cameo in Game Changers, it would be nice to see him, especially if he could come back and teach the kids a trick or two that he learned during his time with the team. It’s also going to be interesting to see what will happen with the Ducks now that they’ve taken the name from the organization that was built by Bombay and his players. It was kind of a surprise to find that the Mighty Ducks had become the antagonists in the story, or at the very least had failed uphold the ideals and spirit of the original team. The fact that Bombay went back to being a bitter individual was an even bigger surprise since it was like watching the movie repeat itself all over again, but with the bonus that the star player on the team that formed from a bunch of oddballs was originally a Duck. That leaves a person wondering what’s going to come from the second season now that it’s been established that the Ducks name has been transferred and, as a rule, that would mean that there’s going to be someone gunning for the team as a result. 

But while it might not happen, an interesting idea would be for Russ and maybe a few other former Ducks to come back and continue to teach the kids what they need to know in order to advance and become even better. That might be an uplifting way to keep the spirit of the Ducks a positive and team-building thing, since Russ would know a few things about helping to build and work with a team. Here’s hoping Kenan can find the time, since it would be great to see him back. 

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