How People Imagined the Future over 100 Years Ago

The 19th century was certainly full of imagination and wonder, but did any of them ever really wonder if their flights of fancy would come out the way they imagined? Here’s a few pictures though to give you an idea of just what the people of the 19th century thought things might look like later on.

So would whale really stop if you pulled the cord? Or would it take that as a sign to dive deeper?

Talk about being a one-hit wonder. Really, that’s about all it would take is one good hit and you’d wonder why you ever bothered with this thing.

I’m guessing people thought that heavier objects wouldn’t be affected by the fact that everything IS STILL UNDERWATER.

Unless you could armor-plate the balloon that’s as close to a kamikaze craft as you can get.

It’s like they saw the Fifth Element coming and were making plans.

I see people going up with these things but not forward.

Still no propulsion. I see a good means of lift, but how in the world would they go anywhere unless they caught the right updraft?

The Roomba version 0.1. No, that’s not a typo.

That seems better than the alternative, but then you’d still need someone there to transport the bales and tend the machine, and maintain the wires and the connections. Wait, how is this saving time and money again?

Look, a moving target for the enemy! I STILL don’t see any form of propulsion.

Yeeeeah NO. You’d have baked eggs, plain and simple. Unless of course they were planning on this being a time machine.

The earliest version of auto-tuning. I can’t imagine what might happen if more than one went out of tune at once.

The motorhome version 0.  That must be one sturdy frame it’s sitting on, and the suspension must be out of this world if it’s traveling down an old dirt road.

Add a TV into the mix and you’d never get some people out of the bathroom.

The earliest version of the drive-by. With a Gatling gun no less.

Yeah, no pull cord on this beauty.

Gravity must have been a lot different back then. See how the guy in pink is angled? What’s keeping him up?

Just imagine if the table had a scratch in it. We’d have believed the moon had canyons back then.

Imagine this now. It’d be like the Little Rascals putting out a fire.

Yeah, no, I think I’ll take my chances swimming to shore.

I think I’d be finding a new barber, quickly.

So where are these mutant, eight to ten-foot long seahorses?

Add in a jetpack and it might be feasible.

Definitely don’t want to poked and prodded while getting fitted, it’s uncomfortable enough without being tenderized.

Um, no. Not only no, but if you found a fish big enough to ride it’s a resounding no, because chances are they would be a shark, in which case, HECK NO.

A personal cab to the opera? It’s like an early version of Uber.

Trying to get past the racist aspect, I imagine that this thing wouldn’t be flying for that much longer.

The trick is to outsmart a seagull. This seems a little complicated.

Hm. Looks like modern day to me.

Ever notice how the flaps and suspension wires in these things seem a little suspect?

At least your ride wouldn’t buck you off. Until a bad windstorm at anyway.

Was this a cautionary tale or something done for amusement?

Was this a planned honeymoon or something?

It looks like an early version of Breaking Bad.


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