Peacemaker vs. Red Hood: Who Wins?

There are several characters in the comics that are, shall we say, unbalanced. Red Hood and Peacemaker are just out of the many that have deeply rooted psychological issues that have dominated their lives in one way or another, but when looking at these two characters it becomes obvious that they’re at least a little bit alike, even if they see the world in different ways. If we’re going by the Suicide Squad version of Christopher Smith, then Peacemaker is by far and large a character that might have had a chance at a normal life if his brother would have survived. In a way, his story is a little more tragic than that of Red Hood, but at the same time, Jason Todd’s story is tragic as well since his death was more than a little traumatic and it ended up screwing him up in ways that required a lot of patience on the parts of those that helped to finally bring him back to his senses. Peacemaker didn’t have that same support, and yet he came up with an ideology that wasn’t exactly shared by a lot of people, but kept him on the level in his own way. 

Pitting these two together has already been determined as a Red Hood victory by many people since there’s no doubt that Hood is absolutely vicious and might not give Peacemaker much of a chance to do anything but gape at him before Todd had Smith on the ground. Of course, that’s one scenario, and judging by what’s been seen of Peacemaker in the Suicide Squad movie and then in his own series, Peacemaker, it’s fair to say that Smith wouldn’t be taken out quite so easily, and it wouldn’t be a simple stomping session for Hood. But it would be a knock-down, drag-out battle for certain given the array of weaponry that both combatants bring to the battle. 

Most of what’s been seen of the Red Hood has been seen in the comics, though there have been examples given in fan films and animated form that has shown how effective this character really is. It’s still tough to say that he might find a win against Peacemaker without taking a serious amount of damage given what Peacemaker is capable of. Their array of weaponry would make this fight even more interesting since what’s been rolled out over the years has been seriously impressive given that between the two vigilantes, it’s fair to say that their combined weaponry would be enough to give several members of the Justice League pause since the types of weapons that these men use are meant for maximum damage and the type of effects that are bound to leave their opponents vulnerable in a way that’s tough to fight through. But their different mentalities might be what could turn this fight into a brawl that could leave Red Hood standing at the end since his sheer brutality does feel as though it would give him the edge. The thing about Peacemaker’s mental state is that he will get violent and can beat down several people in the name of peace thanks to his own personal justifications. 

But it’s fair to wonder if his convictions would be enough to keep him from a serious beating since Red Hood is the type of individual that has roughly the same skill set as Batman, but without the same moral center that allows him to keep his actions in check at all times. Peacemaker doesn’t have a lot of people to hold him back, but he does have a greater amount of control over his actions than Red Hood does at times. But the implication that Todd would be able to control himself long enough to get the edge on his opponent isn’t to be overlooked since, despite his temper and his ability to fly off the hook, his savagery manages to come in handy more often than not. If there’s any reason why Jason Todd would be able to overcome Peacekeeper, it’s the realization that he’s come a long way from being the absolute savage that would just as soon shoot a criminal as look at them. Peacekeeper is undeniably violent, but he also has what he believes is a strong moral center that demands justification for his actions. 

Red Hood is usually out to punish, while Peacekeeper is out to preserve peace like some psychotic version of Marvel’s Punisher that justifies his kills by stating that they’re committed in the name of peace. This fight would be brutal, there’s no doubt about it, but it would also come down to what weaponry and armor was bound to be used, and who proved to be the best when it came to using their equipment and their skills. It does feel that Red Hood would be victorious, but it wouldn’t be an easy fight, and it would likely be a little bizarre thanks to Peacemaker. 

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