Peacemaker: ‘Better Goff Dead’-Recap

It would kind of appear that Peacemaker isn’t quite as dedicated to peace as he states since if anyone recalls, he made it clear to everyone on the Suicide Squad that he would kill every man, woman, and child that he needed to gain peace he treasures so much. Yes, spoilers are coming, so if you haven’t watched this week’s episode, you might want to head on over to HBO Max at this time. But getting back to it, Peacemaker has been made kind of a running joke so far in the three episodes he’s been seen, but the upside is that it’s been shown that he’s still kind of capable when it comes to a fight. That is, he’s capable when he’s not fighting someone that’s just as skilled as he is since Judomaster’s entrance in this episode was only dampened by his exit when he was taken out by the weakest member of the team. But things are progressing in a manner that feels hectic in a big way since Peacemaker kind of feels out of his depth at this time. 

If not for his gear the character might likely be completely out of his element since the enemies he’s had to fight to this point have been insanely tough, not to mention a lot more aggressive than he’s managed to be. Plus, in this episode, it was seen that not only Peacemaker, but even Harcourt appeared to have an issue with their orders since a senator and his family were slated for execution. Despite what he’s said in the past, Peacemaker had a crisis of conscience when it came to shooting the kids, even though it had already been revealed that they were ‘butterflies’, a name that no one understood apart from the fact that this meant that they were tougher than hell and more than a little dangerous. 

Not too surprisingly, Vigilante, who was shooed away by Harcourt, in a manner, at the beginning of the episode, trailed the group to the mansion they were staking out to be a part of the team, or just to be closer to Peacemaker. Vigilante did prove to be useful as he executed the children and the mother before the trio were set upon by the diminutive Judomaster, who dealt with Harcourt, Peacemaker, and Vigilante without fail, knocking them all unconscious before bringing them back to the house. It’s easy to wonder what’s going to happen in the next episode when the issue of Peacemaker’s big talk and lack of action is brought up, but at the very least he did manage to finish off the senator after enduring the torture that the senator inflicted upon Vigilante, as the butterfly apparently thought that Peacemaker cared that much about the tagalong. There were a few images in this episode that were bound to widen a lot of eyes, not the least of which was a nude photo that Leota’s wife sent to her over WhatsApp of all things that appeared during a briefing. Folks should realize that this was going to be a point of conversation, but eventually, it would likely shift to the fact that Vigilante had clamps attached to his nether region and was being zapped mercilessly. 

Yeah, that’s the tone of this show so far, as very little appears to be off-limits, and there’s no doubt that the fans are either loving it or wondering what in the hell they’re watching, all the while wearing a giant smile as they try to figure it out. The subject material that’s being unloaded is the type that a lot of people might think to rail against, but how it’s being unloaded is so ridiculously funny that it feels silly to think that anyone would have a serious issue about it. Thus far, Peacemaker is kind of a goofy character with some seriously impressive skills and tech, as his personality is something that does appear to be changing a little bit since he and Harcourt apparently shared a moment before they were interrupted by Vigilante. Whether that’s going to happen or not is hard to say since it’s the type of relationship that’s bound to be a rollercoaster and possibly even a little toxic. 

But it’s still safe to think that fans would want to see it since it might spice things up a bit and create a little more drama within the show that people might enjoy. The throwbacks, Easter eggs, and the overall hilarity of this show thus far has made it easy to watch, but it’s also fair to wonder what’s going to come next since the surprise that the butterflies are in fact humans being controlled by strange butterfly-like creatures that exist inside of them is kind of creepy. Of course, it’s not as creepy as realizing that they’ve infiltrated a significant portion of the world, as is shown on the monitors near the end of the episode. 

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